MUST SEE! Colonel Allen Weh - Candidate for Governor of New Mexico

Erick, and Red State Directors, et al.:

If you all have not had an opportunity to review US Marine Colonel Allen Weh, running for the Republican primary nomination for Governor of New Mexico, please consider doing so, as he is the kind of candidate that Red State may wish to support. As a result of last weeks’ New Mexico State Republican Convention, he is officially on the ballot for the Republican Primary in June.

Colonel Weh is a decorated combat Marine (38 years active, 3 wars, and reserve, Silver Star, Bronze Star with “V,” 3 Purple Hearts, 5 Air Medals), and successful business executive as the CEO of CSI Aviation Services, Inc., a company started 30 years ago by Allen and his wife. He is a strong limited government, lower tax, fiscal, and social conservative, having never run for political office. His campaign is well-organized, and began early last year. He has a lifetime of executive leadership experience in the Marine Corps, and as a business executive.

Enough said – all of the details about his background and candidacy are available on his web site below. I plead with you to review this great American as he is in direct alignment with the policy perspectives and positions of Red State. He is a man of honor, seasoned leadership, and moral clarity. There are videos of Allen on the front page of his web site, and elsewhere on the site.



Thank you very much in advance for your review of Colonel Weh.

Note: I may be contacted at: [email protected]