Averting Doom

I must say as a Christian, today’s developments, though gravely disappointing, and grievous, are not surprising. As we all know, most of our elected representatives, are ruled by their own self-serving interests, and not that of the public good. Our citizens do not trust elected leaders for good reason – evidentiary corruption.

This nation, as we all can plainly see, is on the verge of potentially irreversible calamity. I do not see any hope apart from the message I have recently posted to the thousands of Christian pastors in America today; who I am respectfully, ashamed to acknowledge, have remained largely silent about matters of national governance and politics – to the national detriment of the nation. The framers, before and during the Revolution, relied upon the strong preaching of the prominent pastors of the day, including Dr. Jonathan Mayhew, Reverend Charles Chauncy; and the Reverend George Whitefield; and many others. Today, the nation has lost its moral moorings; and has now set sail, and is adrift toward self-imposed destruction.

My friends, as a Christian, I love God, and the Lord Jesus Christ; and having been blessed to be born an American, I have an unspeakable love for our nation and all of its people. Socialism, as anyone who understands basic economics knows, has never worked; and it cannot work, because it is simply not God’s way. No one is entitled to the fruit of someone else’s labor; each person must bear his own load; and you reap only what you sow. Violating the laws of God has consequences for individuals and nations. We are witnessing the consequences of the efforts to replace the moral law upon which this nation was founded, with the wisdom of men; the consequences thereof, a nation in decline and headed toward doom.

I am not a pessimist, nor optimist; but rather a realist. America’s demise is not inevitable at this time, as God grants opportunity for repentance and restoration until the time of judgment; yet its future lies in our collective hands. President Kennedy’s inaugural words seem so poignant at this time, wherein he stated, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

For anyone interested in perusing the open letter I have recently, and respectfully, written to Christian pastors, please click-on the link below. In effect, it is clarion call for action to save the nation from its impending peril. Blessings to you all ~