A Political Inquiry

I am curious, and plead for an answer to this question, to wit: why are members of the Democratic party so politically aggressive and forceful, and members of the Republican party so politically timid? I am neither a Democrat nor Republican, and have been a registered independent for 20 years.  

It seems that Democratic politicians will say virtually anything to accomplish their political objectives, which are generally to remain in office, pursue higher office, and enrich themselves personally. For example, during the Bush presidency, Mr. Bush was continually accused of lying to the American people to engage in a war in Iraq. Mr. Bush never lied, and based his decision on the same intelligence information available to every member of Congress prior to voting on a war resolution authorizing the use of force in Iraq. Congress authorized war in Iraq by almost a 70% majority. In addition, the UN Security Council agreed in its entirety that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Every credible intelligence agency in the world believed that Iraq possessed WMD. Yet despite these facts, somehow Mr. Bush was accused seemingly without end by Democratic politicians of lying to the American people to engender support for war in Iraq. Moreover, Mr. Bush was even accused of having prior knowledge about the attack on September 11, 2001! He finally was compelled to defend himself against such accusations in a speech at the Air Force Academy.

Mr. Bush has been accused of authorizing the “torture” of high value terrorists captured after September 11, 2001. Such “torture” amounted to water boarding a few terrorists, causing no permanent injury but rather scaring the individual to compel him to provide intelligence information. While the images of water boarding may appear intimidating, it is certainly no more threatening than when we routinely bomb a terrorist encampment with a hellfire missile, killing everyone inside, including the target’s innocent family members. Yet no one seems to utter a complaint about those innocent individuals being killed! Moreover, leaders and members of Congressional intelligence committees from both political parties were fully briefed on all of the aggressive interrogation techniques used by the CIA, and no one objected to the employment of those techniques eventually interpreted as torture, particularly by Democratic politicians. President Bush was accused of erroneously proclaiming “mission accomplished” after American forces seized control of Iraq, yet a transcript of his speech from the USS Abraham Lincoln reveals that he said no such thing, but rather quite the contrary, stated that there was much work to be done.  Nonetheless, because of a banner intended to convey to the Commander in Chief that the officers and crew of the Lincoln had indeed accomplished their mission, Mr. Bush was unjustly lambasted and ridiculed by Democratic politicians during most of the 2004 election season.

Democratic politicians were relentless in attacking Mr. Bush during his presidency both personally and on policy matters. Recall that the Majority Leader, Senator Harry Reid, said prior to and during the “Surge” operation, that the war was lost. This statement was made before the “Surge” forces had even been deployed, let alone executed the new strategy – which succeeded. Mr. Bush was accused of betraying his country, being mentally unstable, and not listening to other views by Democratic politicians. He was accused of stealing the election in 2000. Yet all of the research conducted in the aftermath of the election clearly indicated that Mr. Bush won the state of Florida, even applying the most liberal standards in recounting all of the State’s votes. Vice President Dick Cheney was characterized as the most dangerous vice president in American history by a Democratic politician. Mr. Bush was accused of wrongfully terminating several US Attorneys. How can one wrongfully terminate someone when one has the right to terminate him or her at any time, with or without cause? Yet Mr. Bush was accused of doing so by Democratic politicians. Hearings were held on the matter. Recall, that the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee conducted sub-committee hearings about the possible impeachment of Mr. Bush.

Mr. Bush continues to be attacked since he left office. President Obama has been repeatedly, in effect, apologizing for America’s arrogance, and alleged foreign policy mistakes, making references to the Bush Administration. He apologized in Europe, and most recently in Latin America. It seems that Mr. Bush was at least successful in his most important responsibility as President, that being to protect the American people. Yet, his posture in doing so is construed as arrogant.

Since Mr. Obama has been in office one could easily cite errors, beginning with the appointments of cabinet officials who do not pay their taxes, to the DVDs given to the British Prime Minister, and cancellation of the customary joint press conference during his state visit; to the IPOD given to Queen Elizabeth; to consideration of requiring veterans to pay the cost of medical treatment for wounds suffered during military service from private insurance, to characterizing in a general manner returning veterans as threats to the homeland, to threatening real consequences, which never materialized against North Korea for their missile test, to reducing missile defense, to having Russia threaten to land strategic bombers in Venezuela without a public response; to the policy of closing the prison facility at Guantanamo Bay without any plausible alternative to keep these terrorists away from America, to the decision to reveal CIA interrogation techniques to the nation’s enemy; not to mention the trillions of dollars of new federal spending, through borrowing money from foreign governments, and bowing to the Saudi King. Given these acts one could wonder whether President Obama actually likes America.

In consideration of the foregoing factual summary, it seems that Democratic politicians are aggressive and relentless in promoting their political interests, while Republican politicians patently refused to defend their own President, and their policies, against lies, distortions, and mischaracterizations repeatedly asserted by their Democratic counterparts. Hence the question is, are Republican politicians scared? Are they political cowards? Are they naively thinking that the American people will discern the truth, and thus there is no need for them to aggressively respond to false assertions by Democratic politicians?

It seems that a few talk show host such as Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Mark Levin defend the Republican party positions more than the Republicans who are actually in elected office. Talk show hosts? If the Republican party is dependent upon talk show hosts to aggressively articulate, promote, and defend their positions and their elected officials, then perhaps role reversal is in order, and the talk show hosts should run for public office as Republican candidates.

It seems that Republican politicians with a few exceptions, are as politically motivated as Democrats, but that the Democratic politicians are more ruthless in pursuing their interests. Democratic politicians seem to “play the game” with the same spirit as Hall of Fame Green Bay Packer Linebacker Ray Nitchke, who played the game with “wreck-less abandon.” Indeed, Democrats will engage in, and justify, bad behavior for political reasons, and Republicans not only tolerate it, but often support it. For example, how many House Republicans voted to impose a 90% tax on the AIG bonuses, a measure that any lay person with basic knowledge of the US Constitution knows is unconstitutional? Half! It seems that Republican politicians are willing to engage in irresponsible behavior due to fear; or incredibly, they actually lacked basic knowledge of the US Constitution.

Republican politicians appear to be in fear of standing for principles. For example, there were Republican politicians who did not support the “Surge” in Iraq, including a Republican Senator, and Republican Congresswoman from my state. They offered no alternative to the “Surge” in declaring their position on the matter. Our military leaders, and the courageous men and women under their command, never wavered; never gave up; never gave in. They were the ones taking the risks and the casualties in the war. Yet some Republican politicians, facing no guns, no bullets, no RPGs or IEDs, displayed political cowardice when our troops needed to know we would always be with them, as long as they believed victory could be achieved. Are Republican politicians so fearful that they will not even today use the term “victory” in Iraq, and give our fighting men and women the recognition they have earned for their monumental achievement?

It is disgraceful, and pathetic on the part of any politician, Democrat or Republican, to refrain from publicly acknowledging the US military victory over Al Qaeda in Iraq. Our brave soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines were relentless in pursuing these dangerous killers who wear no uniforms, target innocent men, women, and children, engage in real torture, sever heads, and would kill every one of us, and your children as quickly as possible by any means available to them. Yes, our men and women in uniform, were and are, the only hope for Iraq, and for us. These brave American patriots, who would, and have, sacrificed all for our security, are the only force standing between us and destruction by a heinous enemy. These are the same brave men and women who would, as President Kennedy said, “pay any price, bear any burden, and meet any challenge,” to protect you and me from anyone trying to do us harm. They do not run; they do not hide; and they do not cower to anyone on earth. These just warriors have, and continue to do all that our nation ask, deserving of all we can provide, yet expecting nothing in return. If we asked them to rescue our fellow citizen being unjustly held in Iran, they would do it as soon as they knew her location, simply because she is one of us, and we do not leave anyone behind, uniformed or not. They came after our Captain, held hostage on the high seas, because he is one of us. The men and women of the US military were, are, and always will be the best and most noble among us. I wish I could have served with them; I wish I could have known them; I wish I could know where their courage comes from; whether they are from the 82nd, or the 101st, the 3rd ID, or the 4th; or the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force; or the eagles in the F-15s and F-16s, or our hard-hitting sailors and aviators aboard ships named Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt,  Truman, and Reagan; or US Special Forces – Seals, Rangers, Green Berets, Delta, Air commandos, and Marines, no matter what unit they are from, these devoted Americans will never run from a fight, and never leave us, nor forsake us. Shall our politicians not even proclaim their victories? Shall they not honor such men and women as these? I dare say no one is more deserving of public acknowledgement and respect than the defenders of our liberty.

Governor Sarah Palin was lauded by Republican politicians, until she had a few poor interviews, partly as a result of being a state governor, who every politically astute person knows do not generally address national issues, and partly due to liberally-biased journalists seeking to undermine her political stature. Governor Palin is a competent executive based upon her record as Governor, Ethics Chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Mayor, Councilwoman, and business owner. She demonstrated her competence during her debate with Senator Biden. She also engaged, and performed admirably, in a debate during her gubernatorial campaign. Yet, because of a few poor interviews, and the loss of the election, many Republican politicians are seeking to diminish her stature. Why? Objectively, she appears to be as competent in performing her responsibilities as any other Republican or Democratic governor. There are currently 39 states with budget deficits. Alaska is not one of them. Sarah’s problem, for many Republican officials, seems to be that she is a self-made woman, and not from among the political establishment. Considering her popularity with ordinary Republican voters, many politicians might prefer to have her problem. Republican politicians may be overlooking the reason for her popularity, namely, that she is not viewed as a “politician;” or one of “them;” but rather as, one of “us;” a trait so desperately lacking among politicians today. Sarah is a woman of demonstrable moral conviction, which explains why she is despised by at least half of the nation’s voting populace, which generally subscribes to moral relativism and patent disregard for Christianity. Other than Sarah, and I do not know her, but undoubtedly she would not mind anyone referring to her in familiar terms, how many Republican politicians would dare mention “Christianity” today? It is interesting that one nationally admired Republican was a Christian; and on one occasion when he was asked about it responded by stating:

“When I left Springfield I asked the people to pray for me. I was not a Christian. When I buried my son, the severest trial of my life, I was not a Christian. But when I went to Gettysburg, and saw the graves of thousands of our soldiers, I then and there consecrated myself to Christ. Yes, I do love Jesus.”

 President Abraham Lincoln


(The Lincoln memorial: album-immortelles (1882), p366. Author: Oldroyd, Osborn H. (Osborn Hamiline), 1842-1930, ed; Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865; Simpson, Matthew, bp., 1811-1844. [from old catalog]; Arnold, Isaac Newton, 1815-1884. [from old catalog] Subject: Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 Publisher: New York, G. W. Carleton & co.; [etc., etc.])


So, I ask, have Republican politicians been scared into political timidity and silence?