First Republican Party Experience in Illinois

Yesterday was my first Republican Conference as a Deputy Committeeman and I stood in as proxy for my neighbor in district 13, Will County, Illinois. At first, I was kind of interested and was curious at how the meeting would work but in the end, I was frustrated and disgusted with what I witnessed. Almost as disgusted as I am right now after having a whole day to think about it.

On the agenda was a race for the Republican State Central Comitteeman between two Republicans in the 11th district. We’ll call them Candidate 1 & 2, candidate 2 being the moderate. The Chairman, Richard Kavanagh, announced that he would vote for all open seats as well as proxies. Now, I was not a committeeman but I was asked to attend this meeting as proxy to my neighbor who was elected to the seat because he’s out of town.  Just to be clear, I am a Conservative and this was my first experience with the Republican party.  I was there to vote for my neighbor who trusted my judgement because we think the same on all issues that we’ve ever discussed. Chairman Kavanagh, touted the rules which allowed him to take all proxy votes as well as empty seats and apply it where he wanted it, kind of like a dictator or a roman emperor would do. I can understand voting for precincts that had no committeeman representing them, but to take away the proxy’s vote so he can be a “proxy” himself?  Committeemen in the 11th district objected and tried to voice their minds but Chairman Kavanagh brushed them off and continued speaking over them.

During roll call, they recorded all votes for district 11 and when they reached the end, Chairman Kavanagh didn’t even intend on counting the votes and applied 13,000 votes (over 50% in his hands) to candidate 2. Committeeman around the room jumped to their feet and demanded a count before he added his votes. The Chairman looked frustrated as a child forced to eat his spinach. He relented and began counting the votes. Finally he came out with the numbers: Candidate 1 = just over 9,000 votes and Candidate 2 had just over 3,000. The Chairman then applied his votes to candidate 2, the underdog, who ended up winning by 4,000 votes.

Now, a majority voted for candidate 1 and the Chair is the reason candidate 2 won. On it’s face, it looks an aweful like shenanigans or big establishment cronyism to me. The chairman may have the rule book on his side but who the hell put that rule in it? Some rules shouldn’t be followed and the chairman should have abstained or thrown his votes to candidate 1 who secured a majority of the vote.

Now this is a perfect example of why I never got involved in Illinois politics. It is also the reason why I’m going try to get more involved in politics because witnessing this garbage made me realize that more people like must step up. I know there is a long road to recovery and many things must change. There are also many people that need to be thrown out on their asses as quickly and as painfully as possible. Many seats remain empty and if we fill those seats, this kind of power grab will end and “The People” will lead our party to where it needs to be. Just knowing that we can stop the wizards of smart is enough fuel to keep me going.

Republicans think that they can contain the anger at establishment or the tea party movement but they don’t realize that they are just as much a target as the Democrats. They better get their act together or they will be sorely disappointed come election time. It was this meeting that has opened my eyes and made me realize that we may just lose this next round of elections and they are ours to lose. But those who feel that they are entitled to pull the strings only allow their connections to move forward. I plan on being a thorn in the ass of all who participate in these ulterior motives. They may think that they are doing what’s best for the people but none of us are children and we know what we want. It is not his job to let us vote when he likes the outcome and correct it when he does not like it. If voting is irrelevant, then what is the purpose of voting? Whether they think they are saving us from future pain and suffering or not, good intentions are qualities that criminals have too. I’m not calling anyone a criminal, but what is fair is fair and they should allow the vote and let the chips fall where they may. We should get exactly what we deserve when it comes to a vote. After all, isn’t that what our Constitution is based on? If we believe that this document is the most incredible document ever written, which I do, then why is it not good enough to follow it’s principals when voting within the Republican party?

We have lots to do in order to get our power back, and it starts in our back yard because this is not AT ALL Acceptable! I’m actually embarrassed and ashamed of my party right now. We need to take this party back and get rid of those in our party who serve the bad wine first and save the good wine for themselves.


“He that lives upon hope will die fasting.”
– Benjamin Franklin