Why Are Conservatives Not Rangel-izing The Entire Democrat Party?

Listening to Charles Rangel try to squirm his way out of his current situation, it is impossible for this thought not to occur to you – Rangel doesn’t view the mess as an ethical issue, as a matter of right and wrong; instead, he views it as a question of, How can I lawyer my way out of this?  The sense of entitlement that he has is simply staggering – listen to him drone on about “fifty years of public service is on the line” – so what?  As if those fifty years excuse his ethical collapses.  <P>

Of course, we only have to recall the video of Rangel snarling at Jason Matterra, “Mind your ***** business!” to understand what it is that we’re dealing with here, or read this gem: when Rangel was trying to explain his failure to report income from the rental of the tropical villa that he owns, he offered this: “He said he had trouble getting detailed financial statements from the resort’s managers. “Every time I thought i was getting somewhere, they’d start speaking Spanish,” Mr. Rangel told reporters.” (-NY Times, 9/10/08)  What?  <P>

This kind of surreal disconnect is isochronic to many who live inside the DC bubble, unfortunately.<P>

There’s a well known picture, easily Googled, of Rangel lying in the sun like a beached whale at his villa in the Dominican Republic, the source of some of his tax troubles.  What an image – the mummified, 40-years-in-Congress, fat cat dinosaur sprawled out on the sand, unworried about the decades of moral lapses in his closet because Pelosi & Co. have his back.  If Consevatives want to fight, and fight hard, they should Rangel-ize the entire Democrat Party through the use of this one image.  <P>