Social Media Will Be Trump's Fireside Chats

During the election, the media did all it could within it’s power including colluding with the Clinton campaign to defeat Donald Trump. November 8th showed how much they failed in that effort.

The MSM has been in a tizzy ever since election night weeping & gnashing their teeth about Clinton’s loss. They’re even lamenting their treatment by Trump at a recent meeting with the President-Elect.

Furthermore, some others on the left are even crying about the potential of a crackdown by a President Trump on a media too critical of him or his administration:


Fake news is a spin word of the media today. Are we all tired of the click bait BS on Facebook & Twitter? Yes but “fake news” didn’t cost Clinton the election. The tin-foil hats on both sides will click on that crap anyway.

The real concern by the MSM should be Trump’s use of social media – Twitter in particular – to get his message to millions of people unfiltered by the MSM. Trump obviously like to use Twitter – not always in a good way by any means – and the platform allows him to sidestep the MSM completely.

FDR used radio to a similar ends. He used radio during the Great Depression to talk directly with the people bypassing the media at the time. FDR could explain his policies, ideas or opposition to a number of issues unfiltered directly to the American voter. While the print media & the loyal opposition were complaining about FDR’s alphabet soup of federal agencies, FDR was on the radio explaining to the public directly – unfiltered – on how the new or strengthened federal agencies would help the average American.

In a like manner, Trump could use Twitter & other social media outlets to do the exact same thing FDR did. President Obama actually started down the path of message control early on by intimidating reporters, stonewall and/or providing the White House’s own pictures & narrative of events instead of relying on the MSM to cover events while keeping the press in the dark on a myriad of issues. Trump can now easily tweet a storm of policy positions/defenses which will be seen by millions & then covered by the very media Trump bypassed.

While I think that Obama has been far from transparent, a President Trump could take the lack of transparency to a whole new level based upon recent history & an already hostile press. It’s a double edged sword. I like seeing the MSM fretting at the possibilities of being castrated by social media but the danger is also great for abuse of transparency we have come to expect from our government officials.