Rules Are For Losers

Liberalism has utterly corrupted all segments of society. Liberalism seeks to break down all ties that bind us from family to commerce & even the law.

Liberals see the world as inherently dishonest & institutionally biased towards certain groups of people either based on race, income or affiliation. Liberals complain that the rules we have now should be thrown out, altered or changed mid-stream.

So we should not be surprised that the born again conservative Donald Trump would be carrying liberal banner decrying how unfair the nomination process is within the Republican party – now that he is facing defeat & will more than likely lose at the convention at Cleveland.

In state after state, Ted Cruz’s campaign has been organized. This organization has allowed Cruz to lock in delegates & plan for a convention that goes past the 1st ballot. Cruz has used his organization at the local level to work within the delegate process to ensure that delegates sympathetic to him find their way to Cleveland.

We know that Donald Trump has already griped about this process claiming that whichever candidate has the “majority” should win the nomination & cannot fathom how he can win a state yet not get all the delegates for that state. Yet for 160 years Trump’s version of reality is not how the nomination process has worked. The magic number is 1237. Not 1236. Not over 51% of the voter count.

As Donald Trump sees the GOP nomination slipping away, he has gone back to his liberal roots to blame the system or the process. In Donald Trump parlance, he has the best excuses than anyone. “Lyin’ Ted”, GOP plotting against him & now he has a new one – the Colorado GOP. Of course all of Trump’s problems extend directly from Trump himself be it the verbal diarrhea of the mouth he has or total lack of campaign organization at the local level. He won’t admit these things however because as a good liberal your problems are always someone else’s fault.

I believe we are now getting a real glimpse of what a Donald Trump Presidency would be like. If he is blaming the rules now, do you honestly believe his message will change once the rules of the Constitution bind his hands in the Oval Office? I, for one, do not. At this point, I believe a President Trump would do anything to change the rules of the Constitution to satisfy what The Donald wants to do. He’ll gripe to his media trumpeters like Sean Hannity & Eric Boling about how the Constitution needs changed to allow The Donald to do what he needs to do to “make America great again”. Of course Hannity & Boling, who have forever sacrificed their integrity at the Alter of Trump, will echo Trump’s wishes.

Losers complain about the rules. Losers claim that the game is rigged. Losers blame someone else for their defeat. Losers want the rules to change mid-game to make things “fair”. Losers want to make the game after their own image in order to better guarantee they will win. Donald Trump is a loser.

One of the joys of having grandchildren is spending time with them one-on-one. You get to learn their mannerisms, their little quirks & what they enjoy. I love being around my 2 year old grandson. He has such a fiery personality & makes me laugh constantly. I have 2 anecdotes I would like to share that I believe mirror Trump’s behavior & thought process.

First, my grandson has a temper at this age. If you tell him no, he starts running – then collapses to the ground – then starts fake crying while writhing on the ground. Eventually, that game runs it’s course & my grandson realizes that when I don’t accommodate him on his temper tantrum he gives up & goes along as normal. Trump’s behavior is not much unlike my 2 year old grand son. Trump doesn’t get his way & a temper tantrum ensues. The only problem is the MSM is more than happy to accommodate Trump’s tantrum because it makes headlines & gives the talking heads something to gab about on their shows so Trump never learns that throwing a tantrum is the incorrect way of expressing his feelings.

The second anecdote is my grandson’s choice in TV shows right now. He has slowly drifted away from Disney at the moment (thank God because if I have to hear “meeska mooska” one more time…) & is totally into Sponge Bob Square Pants. I’m happy about this because Sponge Bob has a good deal of adult humor since the writers obviously realize that parents & grandparents are more than likely watching the show with their kids. One episode of Sponge Bob we were watching on Netflix made me think of Trump. By far, Patrick Star is definitely Donald Trump in cartoon form. In this particular episode, Patrick keeps playing games against Squidward & Patrick is always losing. In the end, Patrick makes up his own game made up of rules he incorporated from rules he liked from other games combined with rules Patrick made up. During the process of unveiling his new game, Patrick consistently makes up new rules as the game progresses – much to the annoyance of Squidward. Once again I was reminded of the way Trump would like to see the nomination process unfold. Trump wants to keep the rules he likes, change the rules he doesn’t & add in a few new ones along the way for good measure.

Nobody likes a sore loser – especially a sore loser with a national audience & a national platform. The Trumpkins are an echo chamber amplifying Trump’s ignorance of how the delegate process works & how the convention process works.

Ignorance of the law is no excuses for the law….unless you’re Donald Trump & his cult followers.