Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL 15th District) Must Go - Part 3

I’ve highlighted Rep. John Shimkus’ horrible voting record & his political corruption of power in 2 previous posts – Part 1 & Part 2. In continuation of my series on why Rep. John Shimkus must go, we’ll examine how the political & ruling classes are helping fund & protect Shimkus from losing his primary fight with State Sen. Kyle McCarter.

Political Class to the Rescue

I no sooner finished writing Part 2 of this series highlighting Shimkus’ membership within the IL GOP establishment, than I received word that a staffer for IL Governor Bruce Rauner (R) left his post in Springfield in order work with for the Shimkus campaign. This, in my opinion, was a coordinated effort by our Republican Governor exerting his political power over the IL Republican Party. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Gov. Rauner calls the shots in Illinois Republican Party right now – from Crain’s Chicago Business:

If you hadn’t noticed, Rauner is a bit of a control freak, to say the least, and he has taken full command of the Republican Party’s power and money structure here. “I’m the head of the Republican Party,” the governor declared to WJBC-AM/1230 just the other day.

Rauner’s remark was made after Ron Gidwitz – a prominent Republican fundraiser in Illinois – was forced to back peddle from his statement that Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) should resign:

“I do not believe he will be a U.S. senator in 2017 and, as top of the ticket, he could cause collateral damage (to other Republican candidates),” Gidwitz told Hinz about Kirk. “I call on him to step aside and allow other Republicans to seek his seat.”

Since Gov. Rauner is the “head of the Republican Party”, it stands to reason that a Rauner campaign/administration staffer coming in to help Rep. Shimkus’ campaign was all but blessed & endorsed by our Governor.

But such knee-capping is common place in Illinois politics & involves more than just the Governor. It also involves the Illinois Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno (R) who took it upon herself to call all the major donors in the 58th Illinois Senate District & ordered them not to donate to Sharee Langenstein – a tried & true conservative, Constitutional lawyer & pro-life advocate. All because she upset the apple cart by challenging the establishment’s pick for that seat in the upcoming primary.

Ruling Class to the Rescue

It’s no secret that Rep. John Shimkus loves his ethanol subsidies. Shimkus has even gone so far as to try to get the Open Fuel Standard Act passed through Congress these past few years which would permanently entrench ethanol subsidies. This act would require automakers to have engines that run on a variety of fuels:

Open Fuel Standard Act of 2013 – Requires each fleet of a manufacturer of passenger automobiles (including light-duty motor vehicles) to comprise at least: (1) 30% qualified vehicles in model year 2016, and (2) 50% qualified vehicles in model year 2017 and each subsequent year.
Defines “qualified vehicle” as: (1) a vehicle that operates on natural gas, hydrogen, or biodiesel; (2) a flexible fuel vehicle capable of operating on gasoline, E85, and M85; (3) a plug-in electric drive vehicle; or (4) a vehicle propelled solely by fuel cell or by something other than an internal combustion engine.
Authorizes a manufacturer to request an exemption from such requirement from the Secretary of Transportation (DOT).
Rep. Shimkus loves ethanol subsidies like a fat kid loves cake. Take a look at him vigorously defending the ethanol mandate a several years ago:
Of course, who loves ethanol subsidies as much as Shimkus? The American Chemistry Council does, who just by coincidence I’m sure, are running ads on TV in our market touting Shimkus’ stance on “energy independence”. The ruling class is fundraising & circling the wagons to protect their precious establishment cash cow – John Shimkus.
Shimkus’ ties to the ruling class are also highlighted by his fundraising efforts by the music industry, including one fundraiser by a President Obama’s BFF  Beyonce. Now the fundraising done at the New Kids on the Block, Boyz II Men & 98 Degrees concert I can understand since it’s reflective of Shimkus’ 20 years in Congress which 20 years ago was also the last time most of those bands were topping the charts. So I guess Shimkus was just getting nostalgic at that concert/fundraiser. From his rock-star fundraising list in 2013:

Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.) will fundraise at the Fleetwood Mac concert on April 9; New Kids on the Block, Boyz II Men, & 98 Degrees concert on June 14; ” The Book of Mormon” show at the Kennedy Center on July 18; and Beyoncé concert on July 29. [emphasis from original source]

Finally, you have question Shimkus’ allegiances when he casts his votes. He is obviously is in bed with the political & ruling classes but when Shimkus has received as much PAC money as he has – who wins the battle of his conscience? The voters or the donors? I think the answer is pretty simple when 80% of Shimkus’ campaign coffers were filled by various PACs.


As you can see, Rep. John Shimkus is tied in far deeper with the political & ruling class than 95% of his constituents know. They never find about his mixed allegiances because as I highlighted in Parts 1 & 2 Shimkus only tells the people of his district what they want to hear – or need to hear depending on your point of view. Once back in DC, back safely & comfortably in the warm caring arms of his establishment K Street friends – he votes against the wishes of his district, votes against the conservative principles he gives lip service to & votes with those that love the status quo of taxing & spending. Need further proof of this betrayal? Then watch Shimkus excoriate Planned Parenthood at a rally in Effingham to only travel back to DC to vote to fund the very organization he was protesting against.

I put it to you again. Shimkus can & must be stopped. State Senator Kyle McCarter is our best chance to stop Shimkus. McCarter has the qualities & the principles we need in DC. The IL-15th can do better than Rep. Shimkus. The IL-15th DESERVES better than Rep. Shimkus.

Kyle McCarter for Congress!