Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL 15th District) Must Go - Part 2

I’ve been around Illinois politics for over half of my life. I’ve seen good & I’ve seen plenty of bad. I’ve seen good men go to Washington to do good but end up staying to do well. One person that has overstayed their welcome is Rep. John Shimkus. He’s overstayed his own welcome by breaking his promise of self-imposed term limits he made almost 20 years ago.

I always hate to use the word “establishment” since that term is sorely overused as much as the left overuses the word “racist” to denounce those with whom they disagree. In this case with Rep. John Shimkus, the term “establishment” truly applies. Let me explain how.

Rep. John Shimkus has controlled southern Illinois politics for quite some time. He gains support from the various county GOP chairmen by showing up to their Lincoln Day Dinners (more than often in election years, not off election years). He may even parcel out some sort of patronage to those chairmen as well or people well connected within their respective organizations. So when a challenge to Shimkus arises – this time in the form of State Senator Kyle McCarter, Shimkus calls in his chips & those county GOP chairmen circle the wagons.

Shimkus’ power over the county GOP chairmen wasn’t always that great but has increased steadily over the years. Several years ago when our local State Senator resigned due to health reasons, the county GOP chairmen got together to select a replacement since it was mid-term. Shimkus tried mightily to get his chosen candidate appointed but lost out in his efforts to his current opponent – State Sen. Kyle McCarter – who actually won the appointment. He has also used his staff aides – Deb Detmers & Rodney Davis (now US Rep. Davis) to run blocker in different races in southern Illinois over the years.

In addition, Shimkus has enjoyed the fruits of gerrymandering “safe” districts. The IL 15th is heavy Republican to the point where it’s about a R+12 district – but we’ll touch on that in a moment. When the Congressional Districts were redrawn after the 2010 Census, Shimkus was drawn into the 13th District – much north of his old district. At the 11th hour, the western edge where Shimkus lives in the 15th District was shifted just a few miles north & magically Shimkus was again the US Representative in the 15th District. But the tale of the tape doesn’t stop there! Immediately after the Primary Election of 2012, then US Rep. Tim Johnson – who was to run in his old 13th District – resigned which left an empty spot on the Republican side for the General Election. In steps Rodney Davis – Rep. Shimkus’ Chief of Staff & who coincidentally lives in the 13th District – to fill the void after the area county GOP chairmen picked Davis over Ericka Harold & Jerry Clarke who was the Chief of Staff for US Rep. Randy Hultgren at the time. So Shimkus’ influence is long & wide within southern Illinois.

The fact that John Shimkus even still represents the 15th District is a testament to his entrenchment within the Republican & political establishment. His voting record is atrocious as what he says while he is in district does not reflect how he votes back in DC. In district, Shimkus marches against abortion. In DC, he votes to fund Planned Parenthood. In district, Shimkus preaches government fiscal responsibility. In DC, Shimkus votes for every omnibus package or CR brought up in the House. In district, Shimkus says he is a conservative. In DC, his Heritage Voting Score is the same as John McCain at a paltry 43% (at the time of this writing) & he get’s an F rating 39% score from Conservative Review. In district, Shimkus talks about integrity. In DC, Shimkus did nothing to put a stop to Mark Foley when Shimkus was the head of the House Page Board.

The above is largely why Rep. John Shimkus has to go. 20 years of controlling southern Illinois politics. 20 years of voting more liberal than a R+12 district should tolerate. 20 years of living well but doing not much good. Shimkus has become part of the DC elite, the Republican Intelligentsia, the ever talked about & much hated “establishment”.

It doesn’t have to stay this way. There is a chance that we can send Rep. John Shimkus packing. State Sen. Kyle McCarter is currently challenging not only John Shimkus but also battling the power structure & patronage that Shimkus has put into place the last 20 years. To see the difference between the 2 men, all you have to do is see the reaction of the liberals in Shimkus’ district. The liberals roll their eyes about Shimkus & shrug their shoulders knowing that Shimkus is full of hot air & that in a very heavy GOP district, there’s not much they can do. In addition, those liberals barely speak an ill word about Shimkus. Ask those same liberals about State Sen. Kyle McCarter & you’ll get an opportunity to see liberals foam at the mouth & curse in tongues. That alone should speak volumes.

If you want another Ted Cruz or Mike Lee or Rand Paul – those that stand up & fight for the Constitution, pro-life, limited government & fiscal sanity – then Kyle McCarter is your guy to help put into the US House. I hope that conservative bloggers, journalists or any other conservative outlets that happen across this article will pick up the torch to help oust Rep. John Shimkus & replace him with a man of integrity. McCarter has already earned the endorsements of Club for Growth & ALIPAC & for what it’s worth, McCarter earned my endorsement long ago – long before he ever decided to run against Shimkus.

Kyle McCarter for Congress