Fear of Republican Cannibalism

Something has been eating at me recently so much that I started to it get off my chest on Twitter the other night and that hopefully I’ll finish here – Republicans and conservatives destroying our candidates while completely ignoring Mitt Romney.  I also felt compelled to words from the justinhart front page selection where he wrote:

  • Romney has held consistent conservative values for years now.  I would hope we welcome solid converts to the movement, right?
  • Romney was endorsed by numerous editors here at RedState in 2008, and hasn’t taken a vote since then…what has changed since that time?
  • Romney has a laudable and robust conservative fiscal plan and has promised to repeal Obamacare.  Is that insufficient for you?
  • He’s articulate, holds his own in debates and has the ability to win over moderates and even liberals who are disillusioned with Obama.  That’s a good thing right?

Ahh but the past is prologue.  Romney’s list of policy stance flip-flops are well documented and will not be revisited here other than to point you in the direction of this blog post which lays out a very nice portrait of Mitt Romney’s past.

We have two people to fight against this election cycle in my opinion – President Obama and Mitt Romney.

Once again it’s primary season and we have splintered off into our separate corners to battle each other’s preferred candidate.  However, the divisiveness between people and even my friends is wearing on me.  Early on, I saw support then derision of Michele Bachmann as she quickly rose and fell in the polls.  Rick Perry was next as he rose and fell in the polls following the pattern of praise/scorn.  Then it was Herman Cain’s turn for support then attacks from Republicans and conservatives as he rose and fell in the polls.  Now, we are seeing Newt rise in the polls and praise is already starting to turn to attacks on his past. Who will be next?  Who remains?

Mitt Romney.

I’m getting real tired of watching all of us trash one another’s preferred candidates – which is fine in itself – but we fail to highlight how our preferred candidate is better than Mitt Romney and ultimately, better than Barack Obama.

Romney is a candidate that cannot and will not energize the base of the Republican party.  “Not Obama” will not be enough to get Romney elected as President.  Romney is the bland, safe, “establishment” candidate who makes the squishy Beltway types and Blue State Republicans (I’m thinking Chicago Republican types like here in my home state) comfortable enough to say they are Republican at their liberal friends’ parties.  We need the candidate with whom the liberals are most uncomfortable.  We must have someone that can stand up on stage and deliver conservative principles and call out Obama for the last 3 years of absolute failure instead of worrying about the other side asking which vintage of Romney we are getting – 1994, 2002, 2008 or 2011.  Romney is not and should not be our candidate.

Personally, I don’t care who endorsed who in 2008.  I don’t even care about who is most popular in whatever state.  Give me the person that will destroy Obama in a debate and annihilate Obama at the ballot box.

We say “anyone but Romney” but yet our failure to go after him with the same veracity we do about the other candidates in the field has left Romney still at the top or near the top in polls.

Don’t get me wrong.  Promote your preferred candidate but remember to go after the guy we want our candidate to beat FIRST before he/she gets a chance at defeating President Obama!  I just hope we haven’t done so much damage ripping on the other candidates that Romney squeaks by and seals the nomination.

Thanks for sticking around for my rant.  I feel better now all that’s off my chest.