Our Son Michael Has Gone To Afghanistan

Our son Michael left for Afghanistan yesterday.  His mother wrote the following yesterday as well, and with the news coming out of Afghanistan today, I thought I would repost this here.  Please keep Michael in your prayers.

Today my son Michael leaves for his second tour for Afghanistan, and as I tell him to be careful, he tells me not to worry I’ll be fine mom, it’s only a year.

As I’m trying to absorb what he’s just told me, a lump swells in my throat and I find it extremely difficult not to show my emotions. As I tell him I love him a tear rolls down my cheek in silence, the conversation ends, and I realize protecting my son is now out of my control. He belongs to someone else and now fights a war of peace for our beloved country and others across the world.

Michael is an interrogator for the military and enjoys his job immensely, but says nobody can understand what we go through everyday. He says,’mom it gets so difficult that sometimes you can’t see the next day.’ Michael loves to travel and see the world, so this is just another exciting adventure for him to put next to his long list of endeavors.

Ten years ago Michael, myself, and my best friend (Stephanie Passalaqua) backpacked through Europe to see the historical sights that we had dreamed of visiting for years. We were amazed at what a trooper Michael was at 12 years old. He never complained and due to his love of history was more than willing to make the difficult transactions that took place from one city to the next. I told him, ‘whatever you can stuff in your backpack is all were taking.’ He laughed and I said, “no I’m serious.” This trip changed his life forever because now he travels all over the world. When he was 16 he spent a summer teaching English at the Peruvian University in Lima, at 17 he spent a summer in Germany, and 18 he traveled to France, Austria, and various other countries. His next big trip is planned for China when he gets home next year. He now speaks four languages and wants to be an international corporate lawyer.  I am so proud of him and know that his future will be successful.

To all the mothers who have sons in the military, you have my respect and admiration for allowing them to take part in securing our safety and preserving our freedoms.  I ask everyone for these men and women of our military to be in their prayers daily and so that God may bring them home safe and as soon as possible.

Written by Michael’s mother, Stephanie Rieman

God bless Michael.  God bless our troops.  God bless America.

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