Victory In Illinois Through Illinois Victory

According to Rasmussen, the Illinois Senate race is a toss-up.  That’s along with Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Wisconsin.  Don’t forget, the same report also shows Indiana, Arkansas, Delaware, and North Dakota as potential pickups away from Democrats.  But since I live in Illinois, my main concern is Illinois and we can help the various races around the state.

First, tomorrow we will find out if the Democrats in the 43rd State Senate will succeed in throwing Cedra Crenshaw, and African-American Tea Party candidate off the ballot.  She is opposing Democrat A.J. Wilhelmi.  The Democrats must be challenging Crenshaw’s petitions because she breaks that liberal stereotyping of “racist Tea Partiers” and therefore she must go.  There is a rally supporting her July 7th if you can make it!

Mark Kirk is up against Alexi Giannoulias and the race right now is tight.  In addition, there several US House races that are winnable for the Republicans:

***  17th Congressional – Bobby Schilling (R) versus incumbent Phil “I don’t worry about the Constitution” Hare (D).

***  14th Congressional – Randy Hultgren (R) versus incumbent Bill Foster (D)

***  11th Congressional – Adam Kitzinger (R) versus incumbent Debbie Halverson (D)

***  10th Congressional (Mark Kirk’s district) – Robert Dold (R) versus Dan Seals (D)

Other races could also use your help – Issac Hayes in the 3rd CD, Joe Walsh in the 8th CD, Joel Pollak in the 9th CD and others around the state.

How can you help?  Join Illinois Victory!

You can make calls asking survey questions about any Congressional race you choose or for Mark Kirk for Senate.  It costs you absolutely nothing and does not use your minutes.  The best part is you can make calls from home in your spare time.  Plus, you don’t even have to live in Illinois to help!  Most calls last about 1 minute.  If you get an answering machine, you click the button on the website and you move on to the next caller.  The information collected will help bring about Republican victories come November.

Imagine if we can take the Illinois Senate seat and Illinois Governor’s mansion back, plus hold and pick up House seats.  Nothing would be a bigger black eye to the White House and Sen. Dick Durbin than a Republican landslide in Illinois!  Join Illinois Victory!  I dream of waking up and reading the NY Times headline of Obama’s old Senate seat and his home state going RED!  Image Chris Matthews stuttering trying to explain how the Republicans won across the nation.  Help make my dream a reality!  Join Illinois Victory!