Today, we celebrate our freedom, our independence and our nation’s birthday.  We’ll get together with friends and family, attend parades, and watch fireworks this evening.  With all the pomp and circumstance of the 4th of July, we remember those who fought (and are still fighting) and died (and still dying) to protect the freedoms we enjoy and to preserve the American way of life.   But do we really understand the freedoms that were given to us through sacrifice?  For instance:

***  When you go to the grocery store today to pick up any last minute items for your BBQ, look around and realize you actually have a CHOICE of what to buy and HOW MUCH you want to buy.  Also realize that there is actually food on the shelves for you to choose from.

***  When you are driving to the fireworks display this evening, realize that you did not have to ask permission to travel.  You did not have to provide traveling papers to armed soldiers at check points.  Realize that the fireworks display brings people together instead of being forcible bused in to an event to make a good photo-op for your Dear Leader.

***  When you wake up this morning, realize that you have a roof over your head and that despite eminent domain laws, that the government cannot take your property without due compensation.  Realize that there are no armed soldiers greeting you at the front door telling you that your house is now property of the state.

***  When you go to your job on Monday, realize that it is basically a job of your CHOOSING.  You were not ordered to work and live in a town because the government decided it needed a certain number of *fill in your job description here* in your town.

***  When you go to church or synagogue today, realize that you are still allowed to pray to God, worship God, and realize his awesome Glory without worrying about armed soldiers destroying your place of worship, throwing you in jail, or worse.  Realize that through Him, all things are possible.

***  When you do anything today, realize that everyone has the same opportunity – no matter what your skin color is, what your religion is, or what your heritage is.

***  When you hug your children today, realize that the government did not dictate to you how many children you were allowed to have.

***  When you pick up the Sunday paper today, realize that the news you read was printed by a free press.  The government did not dictate which news it wanted you to hear, and which news the government chose to censor.

***  When you read about or watch our politicians on TV, even if you disagree with some (or most), realize that you actually get to vote.  Think about that one for a minute.  Realize you and I actually get to CHOOSE who represents us in government.

***  When you see the police patrolling today or ensuring your safety, realize that the police are there to protect and serve, not to destroy and enslave.  Realize the police are there to protect and serve, not to be the government’s hired goons sent to your house to shut you up.

***  When you talk to your friends and family today, realize you have the freedom to do so.  You have the freedom to discuss whatever you please.  Realize that nobody came to arrest you because you talked to the media, or you talked about something the government did not want you to talk about.  Realize nobody arrested you because you might have “thought” about something the government didn’t want you to think about.

***  When you go to a restaurant today or later in the week, realize that you have access to restaurants and hotels and that restaurants and hotels are not restricted to you and only accessible to tourists or government officials.

I’m sure you can come up with other examples that I failed to list here.  Just realize that each day, we do things, go places, and talk about subjects that others around the world cannot do.  Realize there are those that are actively trying to destroy the American way of life from the inside and outside.  America may have been born 234 years ago, but the American way of life has endured, has flourished, and will continue flourish because of those that defend and have defended those freedoms.  The American way of life continues because our Founding Fathers saw fit to create documents – The Constitution and Bill of Rights – to define what our government can and cannot do and what our rights as citizens are.  Realize what freedoms we have and what freedoms others don’t have around the world.  Realize that you must continue to fight for every freedom we enjoy today because each right, each freedom lost comes closer to extinguishing the flame of freedom that is America.


Cross posted from Downstate Illinois Advocate