Is Robert Gibbs Next?

Pure speculation here on my part, no evidence whatsoever, just thinking out loud.  We know from experience that if you underperform or goof too many times in Washington DC, heads will roll.

Will the BP/Sestak crisis/blunder be the downfall of Robert Gibbs?  The handling of the BP crisis by the White House has been a huge PR gaff as the lefty allies in the mainstream media begin to question Obama’s response to the oil spill.  The questioning got so bad, Gibbs called some of the White House press pool in for private meetings requesting they stop asking so many questions about the White House and the BP oil spill.  Yet those questions still are coming.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Birnbaum resigns (or was she fired?) as head of the federal government’s Minerals Management Services because of the handling of the Gulf situation.

Then there’s David Blair who just resigned (or was he fired?) as US Intelligence Chief because of some near misses in US security.

Then there’s the Sestak situation/blunder.  The White House is embarrassed because they failed to control the PR on Sestak, or what went on in the White House.  As a result, the supposed quid pro quo between the White House and Sestak has turned into something more than either Sestak or the White House had counted on.

So where does that leave Robert Gibbs?  On shaky ground in my opinion.  PR around the White House has collapsed pretty quickly recently, so you have to wonder how long they’ll keep Gibbs around.  What will we ever do without the Stunning, Sputtering, Stuttering Spinster?

Posted from Downstate Illinois Advocate