Which Of These Is Not Like The Other?

I remember growing up and watching Sesame Street and they always had a game on that show where they showed a series of pictures and then asked, “Which of these is not like the others”.  Take a look at these two pictures and tell me which of these is not like the others:

Figured it out yet?  Both pictures are of Florida’s Governor Charlie Crist (now independent candidate for US Senate), but the one on top seems to have been whitened a great deal compared with the fake-baked picture on the bottom.  Why would the Crist campaign pick a whiter version to run his campaign on?  Could it be to put a little more of a wedge between himself and Marco Rubio – who is of Cuban decent?  Is he  resigning himself to losing the Cuban/Latin American vote and concentrating on the white vote to beat Rubio?  If you can come up with another reason why his campaign would lighten his picture up when everyone knows Crist sports a tan-in-a-bottle, please tell me, but I’m highly suspicious right now.  Either way, if you have some money, send it Rubio’s way so we can retire Crist to the tanning bed.

Crossposted from Downstate Illinois Advocate