A Real Story About Government Healthcare

We’ve all heard the Democrats roll out stories about how the evil insurance companies failed to help those that were in medical need.  Pelosi and her Tyranny of the Majority decided that the government running health care would be the answer.  But what about the other side of the coin?  What about the stories where the government refused to help?  I’ve got one for you today.  This is not from a random forwarded email we all get from time to time, this is from one of my friends who I know pretty well.  He sent me this last night following the healthcare bill vote.  You read it, and realize this is what we are all in for.  Be sure to print this off and send it to the Thieves of Liberty that voted for this monstrosity of a healthcare bill.  Be sure to send it to Judas Stupak as well so he can see what hell he hath brought to this nation.  (Emphasis placed by the author of this email).

Hi guys,

On Good Friday of 2003 I was stricken with a neurological abnormality that was life-threatening and left me completely disabled for five months. I was the sole parent and support of a child. As the magnitude of what was happening to me dawned I went desperately seeking some sort of government assistance to help me until the crisis was resolved. After being turned down twice I went to a local social security office. The woman who saw me could see how panicked I was. When she turned me down I nervously reached for a cigarette. She told me I couldn’t smoke in there, but said she was ready for a smoke break anyway and would come out with me.

When we got outside she told me, “Look, the government isn’t going to do anything for you. If you were a black woman we would have plenty of programs to help you through your hangnail. But you’re a middle-aged white man. The only thing the government is going to do for you is take your kid if you don’t manage to keep afloat.” Her bitterness was not aimed at me, but at the government for which she worked. She said she was a few years from retirement and couldn’t wait to get out of there because she saw it every week – people who were not in need who got help because they were government approved ‘victims’ and people in desperate trouble who were turned away because they were not among the politically favored demographic classes. Thank God I had a few friends who kept me afloat during that period.

Meantime, the abnormality puzzled my neurosurgeon. He had dozens of tests run, including the MRI and others I can’t remember the name of. The worst involved strapping me to a table, sticking a needle in my spinal column and tilting me in every direction. The doctor was loathe to operate because from what he could see, all my symptoms should have been on my left side, but were in fact all on my right. But I was sinking fast. I could hardly walk at all, couldn’t stand more than a minute or two before collapsing, and the most gentle curves while riding a car would send waves of nausea through me.

After much begging and pleading – and signing a bunch of waivers of liability, my doctor finally agreed to operate. In disclosure, he told me there was about a 20% chance I wouldn’t survive the surgery (I think he might have been exaggerating because he really was scared to operate) and that the best-case scenario was that I would be at least partially paralyzed on my right side. But the degeneration was daily noticeably and I honestly didn’t think I had more than a few months without surgery.

They lost and revived me several times on the table – what should have been a two and a half-hour operation ran to eight hours. I survived and, wonder of wonders, was not at all paralyzed. Those of you who know me well know I grunt frequently as I struggle to hide the pain that has been my constant companion these last seven years. I tire easily and fatigue can trigger a very unpleasant episode, so I have to be very careful about pacing myself, but by and large I think I do a pretty good job of hiding how seriously I hurt all the time. I am grateful that it is such that I can hide it at all.

With the passage of Obamacare I am profoundly grateful for another thing – that this was not the law of the land at the time of my trial. In countries with nationalized health care the normal wait for an urgently needed MRI is well over two years. I didn’t have that long. I would have been a victim of the soft death panel of delay. And, as already noted, the government didn’t give a damn about the likes of me anyway. I doubt they will start with the passage of Obamacare. The duty of those of us who are not in the preferred victim classes is to pay until we can’t anymore and then die. Now it has been made into law. So to all of you who have not yet been victim to the tender mercies of modern government compassion, I bid you a weary welcome to the nightmare I lived seven years ago.

At least you can take solace that the you will be treated a little better than the most helpless among us, the babies, will be by this monstrosity.

Ladies and gentlemen, this will be the sad state of affairs once the Commander in Thief, President Obama, signs this bill into law.  Remember this letter when you have to use the government for assistance Comrades.  Finally, if you don’t believe this email is real, then I will gladly give you the author’s name and email and you can ask him for yourself.

Crossposted at Downstate Illinois Advocate

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