IL GOP Chairman Dismisses The Tea Partiers/9-12ers/Conservatives As "Fringe Element"?

My hangover from celebrating Scott Brown’s victory hasn’t even worn off yet, and here we have another headache to deal with.  The Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady has, in essence, called every Tea Partier/9-12er/conservative in Illinois a “fringe element”.  He does actually call us out by name, but the inference is there.

As I have stated before in prior posts, I have traveled across Illinois and I have yet to find a Tea Partier, 9-12er or real conservative that supports Rep. Mark Kirk, aka “He Who Shall Not Be Nominated”.  So to be clear, we are members of the “Dump Kirk” crowd that Pat Brady is referring to.

Brady goes on to explain that that IL GOP is unified.  Huh.  Not the last time I checked.  For those outside of Illinois, we have a massive problem with what we call the Illinois Combine.  In a nutshell, the bigwigs of both parties put up candidates that are so similar to each other that you can’t really distinguish between a Republican or Democrat which results in the regular voter (almost exclusively Republican voters) getting the shaft.  All the while, those party bigwigs ignore what the voters want.

The establishment GOP, notably Sen. John McCain, Rep. John Shimkus, Rep. Aaron Schock, and Rep. Tim Johnson have endorsed Mark Kirk – many before petitions were even turned in.  Being told by the party bosses who we should vote for (even before anyone has “officially” declared) is a pet peeve of many a Tea Partier/9-12er/conservative.

There are many of us mentioned above who favor other candidates for the US Senate on the Republican side.  Many support and endorse Patrick Hughes, including the Homer/Lockport (New Lennox 9-12 fame), Rockford, Joilet, Effingham Tea Parties, plus the great Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham.  On the same day as Chairman Brady’s dismissal of many of us, the Tea Party Nation released it’s endorsement of Patrick Hughes against Mark Kirk.  I guess that makes them a “fringe element” as well?  What about the Gun Owners of America who also endorsed Patrick Hughes? Or the various other conservative groups, Right to Life groups, and others who are against Mark Kirk.  What’s Pat Brady’s response?  We are just a “fringe element”.

Not too long ago, Florida Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer was pushed to resign because of his ties and support of Charlie Crist against Marco Rubio, who enjoyed the support of Tea Partiers/9-12ers/conservatives.  Now, we here in Illinois seem to be faced with the same problem as Florida.  The largest and most significant difference between Florida and Illinois is that we have less than 2 weeks before we head to the polls to nominate our US Senate candidate!

Those national conservatives that are out there, please, help us here in Illinois.  You see what we’re up against.  Even our IL GOP Chairman is fighting against us!  If we can take New Jersey, Virginia, and now Massachusetts – the bluest of blue states – we can take Illinois back in the name of conservatism!