Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

At the end of WWII, the international scene was a precarious one.  Communists supported by the USSR were attempting to infiltrate and take over the country of Greece and make other inroads into Europe.  Standing in the Soviet’s way was Harry Truman.  In 1946, Truman gave his famous Truman Doctrine speech outlining the US response to Soviet aggression around the world.  He stated that the US would adopt a “containment” policy.  To summarize the containment policy very briefly, Truman essentially said that the governments in place now will stay in place, and any interference by communists in democratic or other countries would be met by action from the US government.  As a show of force, Truman sent the USS Missouri to Greece and 2 days after his speech, all sectarian violence in Greece slowed and eventually stopped, and the Greek government began to stabilize.

In the same year, 1946, Winston Churchill delivered his famous “”Iron Curtain” speech in Fulton, Mo. where he warned of Soviet aggression and how there was a definite separation of the West and the USSR.

The Domino Theory was born out of the containment policy and stated that if the US did not come to the aid of democratic nations or those nations threatened by communist infiltration and aggression, that those countries would fall one after another similar to a string of dominoes.  This policy is ultimately why we became involved in Korea in the 1950s, and Vietnam in the 1960s and 70s.  This policy also led to the US keeping a presence in Europe after WWII, the creation of NATO, and our continued interest in geo-political events.  The climax of this policy (and the Monroe Doctrine) was played out during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The Obama administration needs to craft a similar policy.  The US and other nations are not threatened by Soviet style communism any more (other than from our own politicians’ domestic policy decisions).  The new threat is two fold – Islamic Fascism and “Pink State” hegemony, but both are interrelated and even aspire for some of the same goals.  Just as a note, “pink state” refers to countries that have serious leanings toward socialism – Venezuela – but are not declared socialists or communists like Cuba.

Islamic Fascism is being dealt with right now in Iraq and Afghanistan, but Iran is still a serious threat to the Near East region.  Usama Bin Laden believes Israel should be destroyed and has recently (if he is actually still alive) demanded the US leave Europe and the Near East.  The insane ramblings of Iran’s President Ahmedinejad and his push to become a nuclear power has serious implications for the United States and Israel.  Ahmedinejad has openly stated that he wishes to wipe Israel off the map and if tries to do so using a nuclear weapon, don’t think for an instant that Israel would not retaliate in kind.  Furthermore, Iran’s nuclear program is a problem in our hemisphere also because Hugo Chavez has now stated that he wishes to acquire nuclear power (read: weapons) and Iran is helping Chavez achieve his goal.

Nuclear ambition is today what communist aggression was during the Cold War.  Even Brazil’s Vice President wants to develop nuclear weapons.  The “Pink State” hegemony, led by Chavez, has been busy consolidating like minded leaders in Brazil, Bolivia, and elsewhere in South and Central America.  Each country in the loose coalition desires government run business and economy and believes in restricting the many rights we hold dear in this country such as freedom of press, petition, and assembly.  Any deviation from the government plans are met with severe abuse, prison, or making people “disappear”.  Complicating matters is renewed Russian involvement in Cuba, and open support for the Chavez regime.  Chavez also has been openly supporting Cuba, and others attuned to his anti-US stances.  The first real test of containing Chavez has been an absolute failure.

Honduras recently had a coup, but a constitutional coup.  President Zelaya was a Chavez wannabe, and he attempted to illegally rewrite the Honduran Constitution via an illegal vote.  The ballots for that vote were paid for and sent to Honduras by Hugo Chavez.  After Zelaya was arrested and ousted from the country, there were some protesters arrested and they turned out to be Cuban and Venezuelan agitators.  Our country DENIED visas to Honduran officials that wanted to travel to the United States for the UN Summit and at other times before the summit.  However, we have no problems with allowing Qaddafi, Ahmedinejad, and Chavez coming to the United States to spew their anti-Jew, anti-US, anti-capitalist rants.  I have to say, one of the crowning moments during the UN Summit was Benjamin Netanyahu taking the stage and lambasting Ahmedinejad for denying that the Holocaust ever happened while holding up documentation of the attempted elimination of Jews in Europe.

Today, it seems the US is a similar predicament that the USSR was in during most of the Cold War.  The USSR was essentially surrounded by democracy and where communism tried to spread, it was for the most part contained which helped bring about the destruction of the “Evil Empire” – thanks partly to the powerful foreign policy of Ronald Reagan.  Now, the United States seems to be surrounded by communists and socialists – Chavez in South America, Iran in the Near East, China in Asia, and all of this is happening with the tacit and sometimes open approval of Moscow.  President Obama has declared that Iran has been put on notice because of their nuclear ambitions, but to what end?  More sanctions?  That tact hasn’t seemed to deter North Korea at all.  Part of the reason sanctions haven’t worked is because countries like Russia and China continue to covertly supply and support these sanctioned regimes, even as these sanctioned regimes pursue non-peaceful avenues for their people and their countries.

No longer does an Iron Curtain exist; it melted in 1989 and was finally laid upon the scrap heap in 1991.  However, in it’s place today is the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.  The Heisenberg uncertainty principle is the idea in science that we cannot know at any given time where an electron will be the next instant, we only know where it was.  Likewise, our foreign policy is being conducted by the same principle.  We know where we are at and what is going on, but we have no idea where we are going.  As you can imagine, this kind of foreign policy is a cause for a great deal of chaos.  The Obama administration seems bent on tearing down decades of good relations with our allies in Europe and elsewhere and instead negotiates with terrorists and wannabe Lenins or Stalins.  Meanwhile, those countries that wish to defend the principles of freedom and/or democracy are thrown to the wolves in order to appease our enemies.  There was a time when the United States took a hard line approach against those regimes that caused their people and the international peace and security of the world harm.  Today, the United States and the Obama administration seems to be refusing to take a hard line against such principles that threaten peace and the liberties we hold dear.  How can we begin to repair what has already been done?

First, we need to repair our economy.  One thing that helped post-WWII Europe fight off communism and socialism was the US economy and a powerful US dollar.  Today, our dollar is barely worth the paper it is printed on and we are in debt up to our ears.  The most surefire way to restart the economy would be to scrap plans for saddling our economy with another $1 trillion of entitlements – also known as the current Health Care Reform Bill.  We should use market solutions to solve our health care crisis that will be of minimal cost to the government and the taxpayer.  Second, we need to cut taxes both on income and business.  Even JFK, a Democrat, knew that cutting taxes equaled growth and results in MORE money flowing into the government.  More money in our pockets means more money to spend on items we can’t afford, and pay off the personal debts that we owe.  As more money flows into government, we will be able to pay off the Chinese, who own 80% of our debt, much faster than if we just kept printing money placing the US onto a dangerous inflationary bubble.  Third, ease regulation on business.  Allow business to do business without the government dictating every step of the manufacturing process from beginning to end.  This will allow business to grow and create more jobs.  Lastly, the Obama administration should do what it can to stimulate small business.  Teenagers and young twenty-somethings have the highest disposable incomes but when their unemployment rate sits above 50%, it’s a huge hit to the overall economy.

We are living in very precarious times and if things continue to progress the way they are we will be in serious trouble.  The Obama administration needs to show some resemblance of leadership both in the United States and to the world.  Right now, we are doing nothing more than spinning our wheels while dictators and Islamic Fascists further their causes and destabilize the world.  A strong foreign policy needs to be adopted before it’s too late and the enemies of freedom get too far entrenched.