Hey PayPal, stay the h*** out of my bathroom!

I tried to contact PayPal directly today, but couldn’t find any way to do that.

Men who consider themselves transgendered “identify” as women and value that side of their personality, but here’s what they never will understand– the reality of living as a woman.

When I was 20 I moved to an idyllic New England town where I was working a college internship.  A few weeks in I needed some things from a grocery store a mile or so away from where I lived.  It was a beautiful day so I decided to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine on a walk to the store.  Part way to the store two guys were talking in a driveway that I passed.  The men said, “Hey little girl, do you want to play?”  Then they walked toward the street where I was walking.  I pretended to not hear what they said and quickly walked past the driveway.  Luckily, the men just stopped and laughed and didn’t come all the way to where I was.  But I also knew I still had to come home, and that was the only way to go that I knew.  It was a scary situation for me and I never enjoyed a solo walk in that town again.  A man doesn’t understand that type of experience.  The difference in muscle mass from a man to a woman makes some things more threatening to me than they would be to a man.  To this day my husband teases me about taking mace with me when I walk.

Then there’s the guy who doesn’t like it when you aren’t interested in him and starts showing a jerky side and you hope it doesn’t turn too aggressive.  Or when there’s a rape very nearby where you live.  You don’t let security concerns rule your life but you try to be realistic and think ahead about the safeness of situations that you put yourself in.  So you make choices like not being alone in a parking garage, especially at night.  You carry mace, or whatever, and try not to draw attention to yourself in some situations.  It’s just common sense and, sadly, a small part of being a woman.

In 2012 Canada passed their own “bathroom bill” similar to the one the city of Charlotte passed recently.  The bill guaranteed that men who “identify” as women had the right to use public women’s facilities (not limited to locker rooms and bathrooms).  In 2014 a man was placed in the women’s shelter of a homeless shelter in Toronto because he identified as a woman and, pursuant to the law passed in 2012, had the right to be in the woman’s shelter.  Immediately women in the shelter complained of him peeking in the cracks of showers, etc.  And there were several sexual assaults.  Who knew this could happen?  The LGBT lobbyists said that anyone who had security concerns about a “bathroom bill” was saying that transgender people were pedophiles and that there were no legitimate concerns with having transgender people in the bathroom.  But any woman could have told you this was a possibility, it’s just common sense that we deal with every day.

In 1999 a convicted murderer in Australia used the Australian laws to force authorities to move him to a women’s prison because he identified as a woman.  While in women’s prison he raped his cell mate and after several other assaults, and one person pregnant he finally got moved back to the men’s prison.  Who could have seen that coming?  Duh, any woman you asked.

The list goes on and on.  From a college that had to change back from unisex bathrooms after peeping and cell phone videotaping, to the 45 yr old transgender “woman” who keeps exposing his male genitalia to the swim team in the locker room of newly enlightened Washington State.  These incidents are surprising to no woman, only common sense is required to foresee a problem.

But now bunch of elite corporate executives think they have the right to tell the women of North Carolina they are bigoted if they have security concerns about bathrooms and locker rooms?  Why do a group of male executives think they have the right to insist that my teen daughter have men in with her when she uses the  swimming pool locker room?

Can you just focus on running your business?  You have no business telling me what I should tolerate and what I should worry about.

You’re going to punish North Carolina women until men have access to women’s facilities in the state?!?  Since this is such an important issue for you, maybe you can answer a couple questions I have.  Do I need to bring a psychologist with me into the locker room?  Because if a man is exposing himself to my daughter and staring at her I guess I need to assess whether he identifies as a woman before authorities kick him out.   What about the bathroom?  When I walk into the bathroom and find that I’m alone with a man in there, should I go get a psychologist first so a cop will have the right to throw him out (if the psychologist finds out he doesn’t actually identify as a woman).

Get out of my bathroom PayPal, you have no right to tell me what are legitimate security concerns there.  And you won’t shame me into silence by calling me a bigot, either.