Care about freedom of speech? Prove it.

Today at 2:30 ET, the Senate Judiciary Committee is hosting a subcommittee hearing entitled, “Taking Back Our Democracy: Responding to Citizens United and the Rise of Super PACs.” Ilya Shapiro of the CATO Institute will be the only witness offering testimony in favor of deregulation and freedom of political speech. The other six witnesses will be shilling for the same tired “get corporate money out of elections!” story we’ve been hearing since Citizen’s United was decided.

This whole issue is such a huge deal; I don’t think many people realize how huge of a deal it is. Please, please recognize how huge of a deal this is. The latest victory over unconstitutional regulation of political speech was overshadowed by the SCOTUS immigration decision. This never should have happened. Why? Because the left is controlling the campaign finance narrative 100%; people who are completely apolitical, who know nothing about politics or the law, are taking hook line and sinker the bait that the left is tossing out on campaign finance: Citizens United is evil. Corporations are evil. What trade unions? etc. etc. etc. They’re taking the bait, and they’re also adopting the attitude that comes with it. It’s scary, and it’s got to stop.

Letting the left control this debate is more dangerous than letting them take over health care or immigration. I believe this 100%, because this issue goes all the way back to the fundamental, historical purpose of the 1st Amendment–to protect the right of the people to engage in free political speech without the fear of government retaliation. If we let the left redefine what it means to speak freely, there’s nothing they won’t be able to do.

Part of Shapiro’s written statement to the committee can be read here.

You can tune in to the hearing here, and I highly suggest that you do so.