White House Anoints Troll Czar

One of the joys of my life is reading through comment threads in search of comically inane content. You know what I’m talking about–tripe left by commenters who insist that Obama was born in Kenya during a CIA black-op on the eve of the Rapture. Or something.

Internet commentary exists on a continuum, ranging anywhere from “Certifiable Insanity” to “Surprising Veracity.” Much of it exists somewhere in the middle; it’s not entirely fact-based, but the opinions are solid enough to keep things on the side of legitimacy.

Thus is the nature of political blogging. It’s a jungle out there–especially now. We’re warming up for primary season, and if you’re not already politically-aware, just let me warn you: it’s going to be one for the books. Will we see 4 more years of Hope and Change ©? Will a former CEO and talk radio host get the GOP nod? Will Chris Matthews confide another leg-tingling moment? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure, however–the bloggers are out in force, and we’re not talking about a slapfight. We’re beyond slapfights. This is…Fight Club. For nerds. Nerds fueled by caffeine and the 24 hour news cycle.


At any rate, apparently, the snark and hostility has become a bit much for the Obama administration:

White House beefs up online rapid response

The Obama administration has created and staffed a new position tucked inside their communications shop for helping coordinate rapid response to unfavorable stories and fostering and improving relations with the progressive online community.


The post is a new one for this White House. Rapid response has been the purview of the Democratic National Committee (and will continue to be). Lee’s hire, however, suggests that a portion of it will now be handled from within the administration. It also signals that the White House will be adopting a more aggressive engagement in the online world in the months ahead.

Smart. Beyond smart, actually. Brilliant. If I weren’t a Grand Ol’ Partier, I’d take it out to dinner and kiss it goodnight; but, since I am a Grand Ol’ Partier, I’m going to tell you that the idea of having a new, taxpayer-funded Senior Fellow of Creeping the Internet makes my skin crawl. It makes my skin crawl because the whole point of this guy’s job is to troll the internet and squash the opposition. Officially.


The era of social media is apparently the era of the official propaganda machine. What does this mean? It means it’s time for us to start working harder, working faster, and working stronger. It’s time to keep it tight; keep that good information flowing.

Remember–someone, in his official capacity, is looking for a reason to discredit you and your work. Don’t give him an excuse to do just that.