Racist Roulette: an "Exercise in Hypocrisy"

This was originally posted at The Minority Report, and went out with a TaxDayTeaParty e-mail blast.

I was sitting around today, ironing my white hood and thinking racist thoughts when, lo and behold, I saw Eric Cantor on my TV talking about how someone shot a bullet through a window at his campaign office. I want to know more! I hopped on the internet and was inundated with countless articles talking about reconciliation, the tea party movement, and the violence that has recently erupted as a result of the new health care legislation. I was shocked by what had happened; angered that someone would so recklessly endanger the life of another human being; I began to worry that the graduation from bricks to bullets could lead to more dangerous attacks on people who are, when it comes down to it, people. Not commodities, or chattel, or be-suited reincarnations of Adolf Hitler. People.

Then, however, I began to giggle when I realized that Cantor, Republican Whip and scourge of the progressive seas, is Jewish. My giggling turned into a near-guffaw when I put 2 and 2 together and realized that whatever idiot decided to take a pot shot at a Senator committed…a hate crime.


If you haven’t been following the news lately, you will undoubtedly fail to see the reason for my unbridled glee. Let me be clear, ANY attack on ANY person for just about ANY reason is appalling, and I really hope they catch the guy who did this. However, I laugh freely because recently, a great many progressives have pinned the RAAAAACIST © meme on the Tea Parties, and have attempted to use that meme to control the debate on health care. Need proof? Check out a few e-mails sent to Eric Odom, organizer of some of the earliest Tea Parties:

“Keep up the s–ty work. You are all a bunch of racist scumbags pieces of s–t! Have a great day you teabagger scumbag!”

This one is also nice:

“Hey Eric, you racist homophobic [email protected]%k
Your party is white trash!
I voted for Obama, a black man
what are you gong to do about it?
Come on over and call me names and watch what your face does
Get the [email protected]&k out of my country [email protected]%hole
[email protected]&K YOU”

Well, at least they’re articulate. Anyway, these e-mails are insignificant to the garbage that has been getting national attention: namely, that Tea Partiers shouted racial epithets and spat upon members of the Black Congressional Caucus as they were on their way in to the Capitol. Even normally-friendly members of the media swallowed this information and reported it as true, without any real evidence to back it up:

If this were indeed true, it would be absolutely embarrassing; unfortunately, it was a lie.

As it turns out, the Black Congressional Caucus has a truthiness problem. Dozens of videos have come out, shot from every angle, disproving this appalling story. Take a look:

h/t to GatewayPundit

Nothing. Not a damn thing to suggest that anyone said the N-word, or spit on a Congressman, or hoisted the black flag and burned a cross near the reflecting pool. If someone can produce a shred of evidence that this happened, I will publicly denounce the scumbag who did it; until that happens, though, I will hold fast to what I said about truthiness, and the BCC lying their faces off to encourage the votes to flow in their favor.


Meanwhile, adding to the WHARGARBL from the left, we have Maxine Waters running around calling people teabaggers, Jesse Jackson taunting protestors, and Barney Frank blaming the Tea Parties for teen suicide—and not a single word from the “media” about it.

Funny how that happens.

I could rant and storm for 15 pages about how the left’s campaign against meanness is completely and hilariously rendered moot by their inability to last 45 seconds without playing the race card, or making a testicle joke, but Brent Bozell saves me the trouble:

What an exercise in hypocrisy. Some of you in the left-wing so-called ‘news’ media have actively participated in insulting conservatives with vulgar ‘tea bagging’ jokes. You’ve done it on live national television, snickering at your own snarky gay sense of humor. And if you haven’t done that, you have been a coward, doing nothing to condemn your colleagues for their disgusting behavior… Don’t you dare give us any more lectures on civility. You hypocrites disgust me.


Listen, I understand that desperation can drive people to do powerfully stupid things. The left has been playing the race card for so many years, I shudder to think what would happen to the movement if its members were to actually form a cogent argument—think Bastogne 1944, only happening inside the brains of Democrats. Not pretty. But this? This blatant, malicious smearing of the opposition even in the face of evidence completely to the contrary? This is not to be borne. We must fight.

It’s time to make it clear to Congress, President Obama, and progressives at large that the Tea Partiers, and conservatives in general, are not motivated by race. In fact, I would go so far as to say that no conservative I know (and I know a great many conservatives) gives a care about race. What we care about, and what we’re fighting for, is a voice in the wilderness. Ask any conservative about this, and he’ll tell you that just standing by and watching progressive policies and ideals take hold of this country would be akin to standing by and watching a foreign country invade, take control, and impose an entirely new ideology upon Americans. It’s that big of a deal. It’s not about fear of change, it’s about recognizing the danger of losing control of our lives, and of the ideals upon which this country was founded. We’re not stuck in the past—we’re fearful of a future governed by polices that destroy personal responsibility, individual liberties, and true equality. The difference between a progressive and a conservative lies not in matters of race, or gender, but in the means which we find justifiable to achieve our ends.

And that, I think, makes all the difference in the world.

Special thanks to Steve Foley for contributing to this post.

Still not convinced? Watch this video for a message from Steve, and even more evidence of hatemongering, trifling, and outright racism from the “progressive” left: