I just don't think Liberals THINK

I’ve been reading the posts and am also a newly born conservative activist.  I too will gladly debate any and all comers… the problem is they don’t debate back with anything that can be construed as reasonable or legitimate.  It all turns into foaming at the mouth railing against Bush (yes everything’s STILL his fault) and a good conservative can hardly get a word in.  And the name calling…. oh my.  One person even accused me of being a “scared little girl” because I don’t trust our new administration.  HA!  I have TEENAGERS!  Not much scares me these days… well, except our government.

Even minding my own business can be dangerous.  My office has a community kitchen with some other business groups, and we have CNN on in the breakroom.  Well, someone a few weeks ago (if memory serves it was the President of Iran) was not happy with Obama.  A woman I don’t even know whirls around to me and snaps “how can ANYONE have a problem with Obama?” I must have looked as stunned as I felt because she asked again, “how can ANYONE ACTUALLY have a PROBLEM with OBAMA!????!?” She was upset because someone who doesn’t seem to like us as a nation anyway, had a problem with Obama….


I never answered and finally she stormed off.  It would have been funny if it wasn’t so typical of the koolaid drinking masses.