Why not Obama?

If Obama wasn’t an African-American he wasn’t going to be where he is in this race. The cosmopolitan part of America is matching the need for change with the change of race or color and not the ideas. Does this mean that if in need for change, America after 8 years should elect an Asian-American, Albanian-American, Latino-American, Native American or a woman? The only good thing that comes from this choice this time is that for the first time America has a candidate for president that is not white, an Afro-American and that is only forty years after the assassination of the leader for the civil rights Mr. M.L. King.But does this justify the reason of having Mr. B. Obama as the president of USA? I would say no. Even if that person was from my own native country Albania, it doesn’t mean that I should vote for that person. There is more than race, color, gender or other demographic differences.Both candidates have differences on their policies but most of the democrat nominee Mr. B. Obama ideas are not the right one for America.He has some social-communist ideas. Redistributing wealth and socializing (state regulated) healthcare it means America will be like Europe, where you have to wait a long time before you get serviced. It means higher level of corruption. It means you will have plenty of time to drink a coffee and do nothing. It means higher unemployment rate. America can’t be like the Scandinavian states where the Socialism is near to the perfection, and the most important implementation part is that two different societies can’t apply the same social policies.Protectionism is not the right thing to do. America is considered around the world as the champion of the democracy and protectionism will harm this image. This will be the beginning of the downturn of the American empire as we know it. History has showed us that at any given point there has been a powerful empire that has driven the world for good or for bad. At our time we should consider ourselves lucky that this powerful empire is driving the world positively. If you take a moment and think what the situation around the world is than you should come to the conclusion that there isn’t the time yet to demolish the power of this empire. And this is exactly what B. Obama will do are we to follow his policies.It is a very cosmopolitan way of thinking when Mr. B. Obama suggests that America should sit and talk with the most obscured regimes (without preconditions) like those in Iran, Cuba, or Venezuela. Don’t make a mistake though these countries will not change if not forced. You cannot convince their leaders to change the way they think and act only based on the discussions. It is very difficult and almost impossible to convince an Obama or McCain supporter to change the decision during the last week why it should be any different for these leaders. Once you decide to drink and than in the end of the party to drive by yourself it is the force of law that will stop you from harming others. The same logic should be followed for these regimes. You can’t talk to a drunk or a crazy person, you convince others that he/she is such a person and then you act.I hope that the majority of Americans will think and feel this way and vote for McCain.I am not a Republican or a Democrat.