The President turned his back on America - America will turn its back on him

On September 12, 2012 the President stood in the Rose Garden to speak to the American people. The country tuned in with great concern; our ambassador and three others had been murdered by terrorists in Libya. This was not a political campaign issue, this was an American issue. This was a quintessential Presidential moment where the people needed reassurance and answers.

Sadly, the President gave a statement that sounded as if he were reading a recipe from a 3 x 5 note card. There was no emotion, no passion as he spoke. Americans were waiting to hear in no uncertain terms that we would not stand for this and the people who perpetrated this terrorist act would pay for their callous deed. Justice would be served and swiftly.

Instead, when the last utterly dispassionate words left his mouth – he walked away. He took no questions.

If ever there was a time to take questions it was this moment. America had been attacked on the 11th anniversary of 9/11. The people wanted their leader to say something of consequence, something of import.

Obama turned and walked away. One lone reporter dared to shout a question, “was this an act of war?”

“Was this an act of war?” The people had a right to know.

The words hung in the air and fell to the ground like a lead balloon.

The President of the United States kept walking. In doing so he  turned his back on the people he swore to serve.

It was also a tell. It was then and there his actions telegraphed to the world the truth may never be known. Or,  if it is ever known it will be learned from sources other than this administration.

In fact, if the truth is ever learned about those seven hours in Benghazi it will be in spite of this administration.

What ensued in the days following the attack is insulting. America and the world was treated to a parade of idiocy declaring a mob outraged by an Internet video was to blame for the deaths of these four men.

The Secretary of State in her best sing-song kindergarten teacher tone gave a lecture outlining again the evil of this video. Her message came astoundingly close to saying, if only we didn’t have to put up with that pesky free speech thing.

Then came the ceremony at Andrews Air Force Base. The unseemliness of her mentioning that video tape while standing next to the caskets of the deceased was chilling.

The rounding up of a crack pot film maker on “parole violations” was reminiscent of something out of the old Soviet Union.

Advertising time was purchased in Pakistan to blame the video. 70,000 dollars worth of air-time to perpetrate the meme of a video instigating the attack.

UN Ambassador Susan Rice sat on 5 Sunday talk shows and blamed that disgusting video.

The President himself stood at the United Nations and repeatedly talked about the video.

Americans are smart and quickly connect the dots. This is not and was not about a video tape. This was a terror attack.

Today the President who in the past has been quick to jump to conclusions – often leading to beer summits – is all for conducting an investigation. Regrettably, whenever politicians in Washington are eager to conduct an investigation it’s almost an admission they’re lying. Investigations becomes stone-walling and continue until people either forget or deduce there’s nothing to the story. (Fast and Furious comes to mind)

However it’s been seven weeks and America has had the chance to meet the families of the men killed that night. America has a persistent social media refusing to let the story disappear. America still has a few good reporters like Catherine Herridge and Jennifer Griffin unearthing facts. Alarmingly a majority of the facts they’ve unearthed are proving to have been facts known by the administration all along.

That day in the Rose Garden was a heart breaking day. The President turned and walked away without answering the most critical question. Had this attack been an act of war? He owed that to America. He works for us. America deserves to know.

The deafening cacophony of silence from the media and a President turning his back on citizens cannot stand in America. This is no longer about party loyalty or conservative vs. liberal. It’s about a man and an administration willfully lying to the people of America.

By turning and walking away he thumbed his nose at the very people who entrusted him with the job. He no longer deserves to hold that office. He deserves to be fired. On election day, God willing, America will turn its back on him and elect Mitt Romney.