Michelle's war on childhood obesity

Dear Michelle,

Being First Lady is quite similar to being Miss America.  The job used to be pretty easy.  Just look good, smile for the cameras and try not to be controversial.  That’s how it used to be but now, like Miss America, the First Lady has to have a platform.

Nancy Reagan wanted us to say no to drugs; a noble endeavor.  Who wants to see kids strung out and wasted?  Laura Bush wanted kids to read.  Readers are Leaders after all right?  So when you came along and began advocating getting rid of childhood obesity this too seemed fairly admirable.  Healthy living is a good thing right?

Not so fast.  According to the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) when you introduced your “Let’s Move” anti-obesity campaign you ‘unfairly singled out fat kids, turning them into targets.’  NAAFA’s Publicity Director, Peggy Howell, even went on to say that you ‘essentially gave permission to everyone to condemn the children with higher body weights.’

Wow Michelle! Once again the law of unintended consequences kicks in and kicks butt.

I am sure you did not intend to make chubby kids all across the country the target of bullies. Nor do I think you wanted to make it politically correct to marginalize our less than slim kids.  Childhood is tough enough; surely the First Lady of the United States isn’t trying to make it any more difficult for kids who happen to be of a certain body type.

I have to admit when you started your campaign to wipeout childhood obesity and began advocating telling people what foods they should eat; I had a hard time with that.  I mean let’s be real you are not exactly a petite woman.  I don’t have defiant tendencies, but I will admit the thought ran through my head ‘when Michelle Obama can fit in my skirts then she can tell me what to eat.

Then I see Barry sneaking out at every chance to eat a cheeseburger with his buddies.  Poor Barry, that man looks hungry. I worry he has the opposite problem.  He needs larger portions and more frequent meals.  He’s got those pointy shoulders and looks like his drawers would land on the floor if he wasn’t wearing a belt.

I guess what I am trying to say Michelle is maybe you should xnay on the atfay and simply promote healthy lifestyles.  The NAAFA lady may have a point when she says “When children of higher body weight hear we have to wipeout childhood obesity in one generation, for them those words translate to: we have to eliminate obese children. They hear: your body is bad. They hear: thin equals good, fat equals bad. They hear: your body is bad,”

I know you are just trying to help us have healthy kids.  This isn’t some kind of Alinsky tactic of picking a target and marginalizing it.  Nobody who wears so many cute sweater sets could possibly be that devious.  So how about we all promote healthy living, exercise and not single out obese kids.  Let’s go back to calling the slightly plumper kids what we used to call them; husky.


Edna Marie