The Speech

On October 27, 1964 Ronald Reagan gave what is now simply known as “The Speech”.  Today, on this day before what could arguably be the most pivotal election in our lifetimes, I recommend that anybody planning to vote visit YouTube and watch “The Speech”.    If viewing this doesn’t inspire you, nothing will.  This is a timeless speech because the values are timeless. 

Ronald Reagan’s words are as relevant today as they were in 1964.  Yes the film clip is dated and the audience is of another era, but conservatism is conservatism and does not change simply because the times change.  The truths of economic freedom, adherence to the constitution, the strength of the private sector and the evils of the gradual and subtle encroachment of the government into our daily lives are as pertinent in 2010 as they were when Ronald Reagan stood at that podium and told Americans that it was “A Time for Choosing.”

Yes, you and I do have a rendez vous with destiny.  Let’s remember what we believe and go win one for the Gipper.