Why does it always have to be about race?

Turn on the news and you hear the cacophony of the main stream media giving air time to politicians and pundits declaring that the state of Arizona is behaving like Nazis, they’re a bunch of racists, hateful, or worse, white supremacist.  Others are calling for boycotts of the state.  But upon deeper analysis of the issue, their rhetoric becomes baffling.  The state of Arizona has made it illegal to be in their state illegally.  Isn’t that redundant?   Isn’t that stating the obvious?  Isn’t that something that should be a given?  Apparently not.  You see in America it is now okay to ignore our laws and if anybody calls you on it, why that person must be a hateful bigoted racist of the worst kind.

There is no doubt this is a tough issue.  I do volunteer work with the poor and I know some of the issues we are facing first – hand.  There is not an easy fix.  However, we should not impugn American citizens for enforcing the law.  If we are to survive as a nation, there must be laws and rules to prevent anarchy.  No society can survive, let alone prosper, without basic guidelines and parameters. 

It is also important to look at the entire picture and see the implications of all aspects of a situation.  It is hard not to feel for the people of Arizona.  They have been forced to create a law because the federal government is not doing its job.  Protecting our borders is not “racist”.  It is a fundamental responsibility of the federal government.  Protecting our borders and the citizens of the U.S.  takes priority over pretty much everything else.  So why now are the president and his supporters calling out Arizona?  Why is he “keeping an eye” on the situation where it pertains to the state law?  Why is he so concerned about what he called “basic fairness”?  What about basic fairness for the citizens of Arizona who have been living with the tumult and footing the bills?  What about basic fairness for the people who have immigrated to the country through the proper channels?  Why is it he immediately takes the side of the law breakers instead of hearing the legitimate concerns of American citizens?  Why is it he immediately assumes the police will abuse this law?  Why isn’t he placing his anger at the doorstep of Mexico?  Mexico has pretty much been counting on its citizens crossing the border and sending billions of dollars back for years now.  Shouldn’t he be asking Mexico to step up and stop being corrupt in order to create an environment where it’s people do not feel the need to break the laws of this country?  Is it racist to ask these questions?  No it is not, it is necessary.  Currently our borders are experiencing more violence than Iraq.  This is a conversation that must be had and amnesty is not the answer.  This has been proven repeatedly.  Each time amnesty has been given, what has happened?  It has lead to even more illegal immigrants crossing the border in anticipation of yet another amnesty. 

The people speaking loudest against the Arizona law would have us believe the Gestapo will be pulling people over and insisting individuals “show me your papers”.  The law is very specific that this is not the case.  However, should a person be stopped in a lawful manner and not be able to produce a valid US driver’s license, then yes they may be asked to provide some sort of proof they are here legally.  Hmmm, how is this racist?  We are asked as Americans several times a week, even a day, to show identification.  If I were to be pulled over and could not provide the officer with my license, you can best believe there would be consequences.   In 2014 it will be incumbent upon every citizen of the United States to prove to the government that he or she has health insurance.  If one cannot show proof of insurance they will be subject to fines.  Why then is it so out of bounds to ask for proper proof of citizenship when interacting with an individual in a lawful manner?  Why is this outrageous?

Has it been forgotten it has been the law of the land for years, that any person here from another country must keep their documentation with them at all times, whether it be a passport, green card, visa etc.  Is this now a “racist” law?

I only ask these questions, because we are heading down a slippery slope where any thoughtful debate about illegal immigration is being turned into an accusation of racism.  It is incredibly frustrating, because soon in cases where there is truly blatant racism, the accusations will fall on deaf ears.  It will have the same effect as the boy who cried wolf.  It is also incredibly frustrating that our own president seems to be fanning the flames.  This tends to make one cynically ask, what is in it for him?  Unfortunately, the only answer that comes to mind is a voting bloc that will be eternally dependent upon the party of big government.  So is the president doing this to assure the Democrats will win elections in perpetuity?  If that is the case, this is the biggest racist injustice of all. 

It is the American ideal to see all nationalities come into this country through the front door and become a part of the American culture.  With citizenship come certain responsibilities.  It is not racist to ask those coming to America to respect American laws.  It is the antithesis of the American Dream to allow individuals to become part of a permanent underclass turning to the government for every necessity.  No individual should ever be relegated to a group that will be taken for granted as a voting bloc and forever enslaved to the politicians who hold the purse strings.  America is a compassionate, generous and caring country.  Americans want nothing more than compassion and equal justice for all people.  America’s basic sense of fairness, tells us that if you play by the rules and work hard, the American Dream is there for all to pursue.  It is not racist to enforce American laws and maintain order in society to guarantee the American Dream will survive.  It is completely American.