There are never any threats made against conservatives...just Google it!

ALL the news leads off today with those terrible threats (real or perceived) made against Democrats who voted in favor of Obamacare.  Americans are very angry, especially with the “in your face” attitude in which this whole legislation played out.  While any threat of physical violence or vandalism must be condemned, it started me thinking.  I remember some pretty hateful and violent things being said and done during the Bush years, especially during the war.  I wanted to look up some of the more distasteful things that have been said to or about conservatives.  Here is what came up when I “Googled” 

“Threats made against conservatives”.

·          Threats Against Democrats Made By Conservatives Must Be Monitored

·         Video: Rachel Maddow details violent threats made against Democrat

·         BBC News/UK/ Archbishop critises gay threats

·         Victim Mentality Vs. Victor Mentality – The Threats Made Against Democtrats By Conservatives

·         Exclusive: Death Threat Against Conservative Student Ignored

·         Threats Against Democrats Made By Conservatives Must Be Monitored

·         Threat Causes Liberals to Think Like Conservatives

Wow, isn’t’ that amazing?  I actually searched for threats made AGAINST conservatives, and only one came up.  Ironically, the threat was one that was ignored.  It was more of the same when I clicked on the “news” tab to search. 

·         Hoyer decries talk of reprisals against lawmakers

·         Democrats Key a Fund-Raising Appeal to Threats Against Their Lawmakers

·         FBI Investigating Threats Against Democrats

·         FBI Investigates threats against Democratic House members

I guess the Black Panthers standing outside polling locations holding knight sticks was just imagined.   I suppose the SEIU thugs who beat up that poor man selling t-shirts in Missouri never existed.  Apparently it is only distasteful or “dangerous” when liberals say it is.  Or, sadly, maybe it’s because threats and hate speech directed at conservatives has become so commonplace that it doesn’t even register anymore.  Whatever the case, the media clearly have deemed threats against conservatives to be acceptable or nonexistent.  Just Google it.

(As I write this, I am hearing reports that Rep. Eric Cantor’s office was shot at this morning.  I’ll be curious to see how this is reported.)