NO ELECTIONS IN NOV 2010, 2012 [No more account for you]

It is obvious that

The Dems are NOT going to hold ELECTIONS in NOV 2010 or 2012.

First are their REASONS, and then there are CLUES they are giving out that leads one to that conclusion.And then we present an analysis and a REMEDY with links to more detailed analyses:


(1)They are organic extension of communist/fascist movememnt, which is historically notorious for never holding elections. At least open, free elections that America is use to.

(2)They have waited and worked hard for almost 100 years to gain the kind of power they have now over Americans,

(3)They thought they had a mandate “to fundamentally transform America”. Turns out it was not so. And they know it. To wit, Townhalls, 9/12, NJ/VA losses, taxday rallies, Rasmussen (and other polls),Rush,Teaparties, Militias, They are facing serious defeats in 2010. And they KNOW it.

(4)In past 12 months they have shown their hand. The ugly truth that these are actually enemies of America and have worked hard to destroy America and break its neck, and hence ruling it as a “thousand year Reich”. And huge majority of Americans KNOW this now,

(5) If we put together (3), and (4) it is now obvious to the enemy that they not only will loose 2010 and 2012,but that they will NEVER again have the kind of power they have today. The enemy rightly says, “this is our Hour. It is now or never.”

(6) Put together (1),(2), and (5) the enemy has all the reasons not to ever hold elections. He can not AFFORD to hold elections. Because that would mean certain and final blow to his 100 years of work and waiting.

Now, the following are the clues from the Enemy’s behavior in past 12 months which clearly shows what he has in mind for America, and what he thinks about elections 2010.


(1) Most of the enemy’s agenda, both passed, and awaiting passing through the Capitol, and that which has come out of the Administrative orders and regulations, has been blatantly, openly, and shamelessly in direct violation of the Constitution.

(2) Even after massive majority popular oppostion to his agenda, he has been accelerating through his checklist–which, incidentally, co-incides with an old socialist/fascist playbook.

(3) After stunning defeats in NJ/VA and almost defeat in NY23, the enemy has DOUBLED DOWN on his agenda.

(4) He has shown a malicious disdain and disregard for the Constitution and every single principle on which this country was founded, and has flourished—like no other country in the world. Only the mentally deranged and seriously sociopathic individuals can pursue such an obviously destructive path. The point is that he does it everyday with a smirk on his face. One only has to see the gleeful faces of this enemy Senators and Reps, and the Obama Administration, to realize what they are thinking in their minds.

(5)Obama declared a “National Emergency” over a non-issue. A makebelief disaster. National Emergencey gives him truly amazing powers of suspending laws and most of the Constitution. Further excuses for fortifying and extending that National Emergency will come from a collapsing economy and/or a major Terrorist attack in coming months. Incidentally, the enemy has been working overtime to make both these disaster happen.

(6)But first, the enemy is has rigged the deck of the election process, census, “Universal Voter Registration”, i.e., federally mandated suspension of State electtion laws, SEIU, ACORN are still in play, and are gaining MORE power, not less. All this is contingency planning, though. It was the main thing before the enemy realized that he does NOT have a mandate to forge the United Soviet Socialist Republics of America.

(7)Now the enemy increasingly behaves as Nazis behaved as soon as Germans realized what a huge mistake they had made in electing them to power. For example, Obama has been advocating, and very likely working behind the scenees, to form “a civilian force comparable to our military in might”…No such force is provided for nor allowed in the Constitution. Also, recently he has decreed that Interpol will have sweeping immunity on American Soil. Also, a russian source has recently asserted that Obama has ordered the comander of our military in charge of North American region to raise troops to levels as hight as one million. The enemy KNOWS that after 2009, he has no future in a USA ran by democratic and constitutional processes. And he knows the reaction of the American people when he suspends and trashes all things Constitutional. He is preparing for a popular uprising. A civil war, if you will.

This enemy does not look like, walk like, or ACT like someone who is anticipitating any setbacks in any future elections, nor does have any REASONS to do so. And he HAS all the reasons to do exactly opposite. No amount of calling senators, teaparties, rallies, public outrage, etc, HAS had any effect on his drive to push through his agenda, and no such thing WILL have any effect. And hanging our hopes on elections will be the biggest strategic mistake Americans have ever made in their history of over 225 years of existence. It will be fatal.

There is only one way to stop the enemy’s steamroller. An immediate, extensive, and unending popular uprising against the enemy. We are convinced that if enough number of Americans hit the streets of DC and refuse to leave until enemy leaves, we will not need to have an armed civil war. Furthermore, if we wait till Nov 2nd 2010, to actually see what the enemy has in mind, we will give him precious time to prepare for an uprising which WILL then follow. Also, he will have had ten more months to destroy more of America—very likely fatally so. The worst, though, is the real certainty that if the enemy springs his designs on America on the eve of the elections, there will be an uncontrolled and ARMED civil war. We can prevent this potential bloodbath if we wake up NOW, and do the wiser thing. Checkout our more detail analysis of what we CAN do right now, and how to go about doing it at our think-tank website htp://wardesk.org or htp://wardesk.com. Note that this blog has been posted at several places in different forms, and has appeared on NY POST: http://www.nypost.com/David_Horowitz and is based on htp://wardesk.com/endgame.html