We, at www.wardesk.org are tired of talk, chat, blogging, protesting, calling senators, congressmen, and trying to get “good conservatives/Libertarians” elected in next elections etc. The reason is not lack of energy to do these, but an informed realization that these things are not making any difference in the decision processes in Congress. Also, these rather tame conservative processes are, in our opinion, about to be corrupted, suspended, or outright dismissed by Obama administration in concert with the Capitol. So, we believe, that NONE of what has been done so far to stop and impede this Leftist monster steam-roller have had any significant effect on either the Administration or the Leftist lawmakers.

Cosequently, we have decided to declare a citizens’ war on our runaway government by means of the civil-disobedience methods. We do not wish to overturn the government. We want millions of Americans to march to DC, take part in a rotating and ongoing ‘rally’, where we will not be protesting. We will be peacefully obstructing their ability to pass any legislation. Sit-ins, ‘die’-ins, clog-the-streets, etc,, will be our means, and our numerical strength will be our one and only weapon. Participants will come and go as their lives permit, but we wish to continuously build numbers in millions, and simply flood D.C., and the Capitol, and Pennsylvania Avenue, etc. This time we will not have to rely on, or complain about, mainstream media silence or under-reporting etc. Our goals are different. We are not counting on registering our protest. We wish to STOP them.

Why do we think it is the only way to fight the Leftist crooks in D.C.? And why it must be done now, rather than wait for 2010 elections, and see how things go? The following is a complete transcript of the page, “Why the Revolution? Why now? Enemy’s Endgame”, which describes, in a very brief nutshell, some of our salient reasons for the route we have taken and strongly recommend to anyone who cares about the future of America. We invite the readers to go to our website

End Game of the Communists In D.C.


The Rationale for the Revolution and its Timing

The Enemy, the Leftists in White House and Congress, is cornered. This is his last stand. He thought that he had a mandate in 2008 to take over America and ‘fundamentally transform’ it into a socialist/communist country. First sign of that not being so was the townhall furor of the summer. Next came 9/12, and finally NJ, VA governor’s races, and even NY23. All these have given him a cold shiver. He is scared. He knows that if he lets democratic processes take its course, he will loose Congress in 2010, and Whitehouse in 2012, and, given his runaway corrupt rampage of past 11 months, chances are, he will never regain power again. So, for him, it is do-or-die situation.

He is desperate, and history of Left has shown that when they are scared, they lurch towards more tyranny. The current situation is the culmination of almost 100 years of his relentless work to bring America to knees, and hence rule it in the name of his fake gods of Socialism/Communism. This is the pinnacle of his success. If he wants to keep the power he has now, he must compromise and/or uproot the whole democratic process. That means he has to either conduct fraudulent elections, or even suspend elections. His steps of recent past have beemn, and of near future will be, as follows:



Re-Install ACORN in the Census to carry on the pro-Democratic Party gerymandery of Congressional districts. Re-fund ACORN by tax-payer funds. Not procecute ACORN for its hundreds of transgressions, a dozen or so on tape and on ACORN’s own doccuments. There is no separation between Obama administration, Democratic high command, and ACORN. See how closely all these are intertwined on David Horowitz’s Discover The Networks.

For those who are new to the arena of Leftist thuggery, it is worth pointing out that ACORN is a criminal umbrella organization of hundreds of rather shady ‘community service’ and ‘community organization’ organizations, mostly funded by the modern day Dr. No, George Soros, whose stated and boastful goal is to destroy the American capitalistic economy and free democratic polity.


The Amnesty Route

Pass an “Amnesty Bill” as soon as possible, giving Democrats a chunk of 20 million votes overnight. (Update: Last week, Obama publicly announced his plans to aggressively pursue “Amnesty” as soon as early January.)



Further empower ACCORN and SEIU and other Obama community organizing organizations so they can help intimidating and corrupting the elections in 2010, 2012. Just as a reminder to the uninitiated, in 2008 elections, more than 20 million voters (mostly registered by ACORN and other such organizations) turned out to be either dead or not citizens of this country. Not to mention other outright criminal activity such as intimidiating waters, beating up a black townhall protester, and hundreds of such instances of these Obama thugs attempting to corrupt and by-pass democratic processes by use of force and weapons. Do we think these thugs are going to be even more organized, more empowered (by their master in the White House), more funded (by Stimulus and other criminal means), and more determined to adopt a do-or-die policy in 2010-2012 elections? What do you think?


Secretary of State Project

The Secretary of State Project, a Soros funded organization (their website) which has been working hard, and succeeding, to elect communist socialist radical left candidates for Secretary of State positions in as many states as they can. A Secretary of State (of individual states) is responsible for certifying elections, and can create stink, and even refuse to certify elections of Republican candidates under various pretexts, and keep ordering ‘recounts’ until their candidate ‘wins’. Remember how Al Franken was helped by the Leftist Minnesotta Secretary of State in stealing an election he had already lost? This, Secretary of State Project, they rightly suppose, will help them steal elections in most swing states and even some not so swing states. So far they have managed to get elected their candidates to SoS positions 9 out of 10 races they sponsored. VERY DANGEROUS GROUP. Very effective strategy.


National Emergency

Obama has already declared a “National Emergency” under the pretext of a lame “Swine Flu Epidemic” which killed less people in entire season, than the usual garden variety flu does in a week, every year. What could be his motivation for declaring a National Emergency when none exists? Well, dear Americans, a “National Emergency” gives the President almost unlimited powers. He can effectively suspend all Constitutional guarantees, and almost any statude, federal or state. All he has to do is sign an Executive Order. Given the disillusioned electorate, and their power in grave danger through democratic processes, if they fail to steal the elections, they most certainly will seal the ballot-boxes, annul the elections, and use the “National Emergency” to suppress the popular uprising which they are already expecting. Obama has recently asked the commander of America’s North American Forces to increase the number of troops presence within the country to one million. He is expecting a civil war. And we must give him one. But we must strike first. Before the enemy is better prepared to fight.

Further excuse for National Emergency will come when the economy totally collapses. The enemy has been working overtime to make sure that this happens as soon as possible. “Health Care Reform”, “Cap-n-Trade”, heavier taxation, “reining in the Finance industry”, total take-over of Financial Services industry (update: this is now an accomplished thing in the House.) and eventually “all industry”, “green jobs”, attack on the Energy industry, and not attending to America’s foreign enemies -all this is calculated to bring America to its knees, break its back, and if necessary, break its neck. An economic collapse is coming very soon to a country near you -America. Dollar has been sinking. And the government is printing money round the clock, further tanking the Dollar. Every single thing the enemy has done in past 11 months has been precisely calculated to break America. Once everything collapses, the enemy will have his greatest opportunity to “never let an emergency go to waste”. These crooks in the Whitehouse and Congress are the most dangerous bunch of enemies that America has ever faced.


Attacking the 1st and 2nd Ammendments

FCC and Congress are conspiring to give Obama powers to take over the Internet in case of “National Emergency”. On top of that, FCC is in the process of enacting regulations deceptively called “Net Neutrality”, which effectively gives complete control over the internet to unelected bureaucrats of FCC. Furthermore, Obama is in the process of signing away Freedom of Speech and Right to Bare Arms through international treaties. Treaties need to be ratified by senate, but guess what, folks? They OWN the senate—well, almost. There will be Constitutional challenges, but its a long process working through the federal judiciary all the way to the Supreme Court. By the time such challenged reach the Supreme Court, it will be too late, because Obama is going to use National Emergency to suspend a lot of ‘law of the land’.

Then, the Feds want to take over the print media by subsidizing it, and Radio and Broadcast media by invoking something that FCC is cooking right now. It is called “Diversity of Ownership” of broadcast outlets. This is the latest version of the ill-famed “Fairness Doctrine”, in new innocuous sounding garb. This is the favorite project of Obama’s “Diversity Czar” in FCC, who is also welknown for his admiration of Chavez’s seizure of Venezuelan radio and TV stations. Needless to mention that this Czar, and many of some 37 Czars, i.e., highest ranking bureaucrats not vetted by the Senate as required by the Constitution, are avowed communists, consider America their enemy, and are unabashedly and openly pursuing communist fascist agendas. (Why don’t you know about this? Ask CNN and New York Times.) This is also true about most of the other high echelon Obama administration officials.


Obama’s million men civilian army

Obama has been angling to build “a civilian force” comparable in might to the military. WHY? Why does any democracy need such a mighty civilian force directly under the President and not answerable to anyone else? What is he preparing for? If you read the above paragraphs (1) to (6), it would be rather obvious what they are planning and preparing for. These will be Obama’s “Brown Shirts”, formally incorporated in the government. Clearly the police forces of the nation are not adequate to contain a popular uprising of 300 million Americans. And our military has always been pro-constitution, pro-right. It is very unlikely that our military would attack the citizenry who are fighting a just war against a runaway government. And the enemy knows that. That’s why the rise of ACCORN and SEIU thugs, and, given enough time, he will have his “Brown-Shirts”. The parallels with Hitler’s Nazi regime are eerily scary.

We must strike before the enemy develops this capability.

Of course, the end goal of the enemy is a communist/socialist country totally bound by the chains of his tyranny so he can have his “Thousand-Year Reich”. Time to fight him is now. And there is only one way to fight him. Direct and immediate uprising of the populace as described above and on our website. In short, all Americans who can should start marching towards D.C. and flood the Capitol, and streets of D.C., and keep flooding indefinitely, until the enemy sees that he is defeated and leaves those power centers.

Ours is a comprehensive war, and besides this spearhead action of march on D.C. there are several other fronts on which we intend to fight the war. If this revolution doesn’t work, nothing will.

For more information, please visit our website www.wardesk.com and if you think appropriate, feel free to send us any input, including willingness to volunteer for the war on our ‘volunteers’ page. Also, the greatest task right now in front of us is to spread the word. So, feel free to promote, link, email, phone, tweet, retweet, smoke-signal, or just good old-fashion american holler to the neighbor…

Thank you, and GodSpeed.
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