President of the United States. . . except the parts that didn't vote for me.

President Obama is making sure he’s getting the word out.  He traveled to Buffalo, NY to tell folks at a plant that despite what they think the economy is improving.  Why, he has even gone so far as to say that next month will be even better than last month.  Sure the national unemployment rate is at 9.9%, our trade deficit is growing, and many of the recent job gains are temporary census workers, but the President wants everyone to know that his stimulus package is responsible for the great turnaround that’s coming.  Well, most of that stimulus went to districts that supported him in 2008, ensuring the growth and prosperity of those parts of the country. Other parts are underwater, literally.


I spent the first 18 years of my life in Nashville.  It’s home to the country music industry, many colleges and universities, and even two of his predecessors: Presidents Jackson and Polk.  The people there are proud, independent and patriotic; they wear Orange on Saturdays and powder blue on Sundays.  Sitting astride the intersection of three major highways, Nashville is the gateway to the deep South. Therein lies the problem.  The South wasn’t particularly supportive of the president in 2008.  Tennessee itself has produced an increasingly Red congressional delegation and the state supported John McCain.  President Obama sees no political incentive to go into the opposition’s heartland and let them know that they have his attention and his support during this horrible tragedy – and with this President, even more than most, everything is political.

He sure made time to go down to the Gulf Coast to let his environmentalist and liberal supporters know that he was going to put the screws to BP.  He wanted the country to know that he supported those who were hurt by an evil greedy big oil company, and he would stop at nothing to avenge their loss.  I’m glad the president rushed down there so quickly.  As we’ve seen over the past few weeks the oil spill is surging upon our shores devastating the entire shoreline.  Wait, no it’s been more like watching a train wreck in slow motion.  His immediate intervention may have proved useful for firing up his base, but it did nothing toward actually solving the problem at hand.  Meanwhile he has a city of over one million people completely devastated by flood.  He probably flew over it on his way down to the gulf from DC and couldn’t be bothered to stop.  But the president’s schedule is very busy. It’s not like he can just drop everything and go give his support personally to those ravaged by flood. Oh, wait, in April he stopped off to check in on Massachusetts residents who suffered through 15 inches of rain during the previous month, as much as Nashville got in a weekend.  While he was there he managed to make appearances at two fundraisers too, how convenient!  I doubt he would have brought in as much if he stopped in at the Opryland Hotel for a party, it was under several feet of water. Some people are calling the Gulf Coast oil spill Obama’s ‘Katrina,’ but THIS is his Katrina.

So the President chose not to stop off in Nashville despite virtually flying right over the devastation on his way to the Gulf Coast.  “Why?” you may ask.  Because Nashvillians are soldiering on.  They aren’t crying to the government to bail them out and solve their problems.  They are working hard at rebuilding everything they lost and demonstrating the qualities that made this country great.  The same qualities that fly in the face of the Nanny State policies that President Obama and the liberals in our government are seeking to push down our collective throats.  It’s hard to get people addicted to government handouts when they prove that they neither want nor need government interference to overcome difficulties.  It’s for that reason – not race, like some are saying – that President Obama has decided not to make Nashville or the South a priority.  Today I’m a proud Virginian; I love the state that has taken me in and given me a wonderful home to raise my family.  But I’m also proud to be a son of Tennessee, I thank God my family and friends survived the worst of the flooding and wish them Godspeed as they begin to rebuild their amazing city.