HEY, A PAID HIT ON TED CRUZ. Ted Cruz's Betrayal of Trust

This is from a political consulting company called “KingdomX.” They tried to masquerade as a diarist and posted this. If you haven’t seen a paid political hit before this is what one looks like. Eventually, we will find out who the client is and we’ll announce it.

Senator and Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has a problem. And this one just may be the end of his rise in the polls.

It was recently revealed that in 2012, Senate candidate Ted Cruz, from the great state of Texas, took over a million dollars in loans from Goldman Sachs and Citibank in order to run his Senate campaign. And the result was a win for Cruz. This is a good thing for Conservatives, right?

Not so fast pardner!

Back in 2012, and even recently, Ted Cruz has been selling us the sweet and oh-so-romantic story that he and his wife Heidi, a Goldman Sachs employee who is currently on leave, made a joint marital decision to cash out everything they had, to sink it into his political ambitions to go to Washington. It was a stand by your man moment on the campaign trail. If you are a Cruz supporter, you may recall hearing that same story over and over again. And as a former Cruz supporter, I not only believed it, I thought it was awesome!

Now, knowing the truth, it sounds more like something Bill and Hillary Clinton would do.

Here is what really happened:

Ted and Heidi Cruz took out several large loans from Goldman Sachs and Citibank and those loans were specifically for the purpose of operating his Senate campaign in 2012. We cannot provide those documents because to this day, he has never filed them.

Despite the fact that Ted Cruz himself is now claiming that he merely “forgot” or overlooked the required filings, and he has been saying Ooops, maybe the FEC requires something different, that simply is not the truth and the public records show that. Ted Cruz and his campaign treasurer DID, in fact, report the loans to the campaign on Ted Cruz’s required Federal Election Commission (FEC) campaign finance reporting forms.

Cruz claims he forgot to file reports, but that is not true. He filed them, but claimed the money was his own.
Cruz claims he forgot to file reports, but that is not true. He filed them, but claimed the money was his own.

He DID, in fact, file that report on time but….

What he reported is that the loans were personal loans from HIMSELF. Not once did he ever mention where the money actually came from. He purposely hid that information from his donors and his supporters. And we all know why – because any affiliation with Wall Street is a deal killer for many Conservatives, and rightly so.

Additionally, Cruz and his campaign treasurer failed to file the loan paperwork with the FEC. This can be verified on the official Federal Election Commission Website at www.FEC.gov

The reason why this is so offensive to so many is that Ted Cruz pretends he is anti-Wall Street and that him and Heidi are nothing like Bill and Hillary. One of Cruz’s campaign pieces is TrusTED. He wants us to believe he can be trusted.

Furthermore, to make matters even worse, Cruz did not pay back that money himself – Cruz took the money out of his campaign war chest. It was donor money. The reason why this detail is significant is because again, Cruz wants everyone to believe that he put his own money where his mouth is. He wants everyone to believe that he is just some regular Joe who is just like the rest of us. He wants us to believe that his wife had so much faith in him, that even she was willing to “risk it all” for her husband.

In the end, the Cruz’s risked nothing of their own.

There is no mistaking that this is a deliberate attempt to deceive. And that deception continues, even today.

Even though Cruz has managed to get several Conservative media outlets to perpetuate his lies, the backlash has been non-stop. On the eve of probably the most important debate this election cycle, the Cruz camp is trying to convince people that he DID, in fact, report the loan. He claims he “reported it the wrong way”. That is an outright lie.

There have been numerous social media posts about the situation, including a screenshot (see below) which is NOT a campaign finance report and is NOT filed with the FEC. It is a Senate Financial Disclosure report, which is something all elected officials and candidates are required to file. Not only does it have nothing to do with any of this, it only shows a maximum loan amount of $250,000.00 – but we now know he took more than a million dollars in loans. And, the report makes no mention that the money was used for the campaign.

Ted Cruz's 2012 financial disclosure. Not the FEC transparency report.
Ted Cruz’s 2012 financial disclosure. Not the FEC transparency report.

No one would ever look for that form and most people wouldn’t even be able to find it, much less be able to decipher it. This is a major failure of lack of transparency.

This isn’t the first time that Ted Cruz has “forgotten” to report something. Time magazine shows us that Cruz has done this before, when he failed to report his financial relationship with a Caribbean based holding company.

Maybe Ted Cruz is just forgetful? Or perhaps Cruz is only incompetent.

Just when you might be able to forgive him for this, something else has just been brought to light. Ted Cruz has been switching around money between his Presidential campaign and his Senate campaign – and spending that money like crazy and in fact, Cruz spent a LOT of Senate money in early 2015 from his Senate account for his Presidential run – unless he is now going to tell us that he spent all that money in Florida, Iowa and other non-Texas states in order to run for Texas Senate… in 2018? Or maybe he will say he was mixed up again.

TrusTED? Sorry, not this time.
TrusTED? Sorry, not this time.

One thing is for sure, when you closely examine his public records, it is clear that his associations with big banks, big PACs and big donors runs deep. It is clear by his recent moves that he has been pandering not only to big money but also to insider money.

A couple of weeks ago, Cruz bragged on Twitter that he was helping failed candidate Scott Walker (a best friend to RNC Chair Reince Priebus from Wisconsin) raise money to pay off his disastrous campaign debts. This is about as insider as you can get. Walker, Preibus and Omnibus Driver Paul Ryan have been tight friends for decades and they all hail from Southeastern Wisconsin. Matter of fact, it was Reince Priebus who got Walker elected as Wisconsin’s Governor in 2010. Priebus was the state GOP Chairman at that time.

As establishment as you can get. Reince Priebus, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney and Scott Walker in 2012.
As establishment as you can get. Reince Priebus, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney and Scott Walker in 2012.

And recently, Ted Cruz has been holding events for party insiders, as can be read here, which tells the story of a recent fundraiser in the home of Mary Matalin and Democratic Strategist James Carville, which was attended by none other than S. Scott Sewell, a Bush insider.

We stood against this trickery when Bill and Hillary Clinton tried to deceive us. Are we going to stand against this now that it is one of our own?

Taking big donor money is as common as the day is long. Lying about it, well, that is where authentic Conservatives should draw the line.