Freedom of speech in the Redstates of America.

Last month I posted my first and only entry to this site under the name American1944. It was a piece regarding John McCain’s VP pick and how pathetic it was. It was an interesting piece of writing and garnered a tremendous reaction from many ‘redstate’ faithfuls. The entry was MY opinion and did not attempt to sway anyone or otherwise defame anybody’s character. My entry was simply a different view from most contributors to this site. After less than 2 hours I was banned from this site under that name. The many angry responses I received contained varied direct insults, profanity, defamatory remarks questioning my patriotism, etc, etc. I answered as many of the comments as I could before I was banned and was always as polite as possible. All in all it was a very interesting and illuminating experience. I wonder if those contributors who used insults and profanity were banned? My guess is no, after all they are ‘redstate’ faithfuls. As for me I will probably be banned again very soon. Just one final thought: we are The UNITED STATES of AMERICA, not The RED STATES of AMERICA. I think the whole ‘redstate’ stuff was tried once before. 1861 to 1865 wasn’t it? They wore the grey.