No More Mr. Nice Guy !!

Self-righteous leftist politicians – notably the late & unlamented Senators Frank Church & Teddy Kennedy – played a role in the early 1970’s very much like the "wikileaks" dump of the past several months. While I was outraged then, in this era of terrorism, the exposure of sensitive material is far more egregious.

No longer can we afford to play Sir Galahad with these animals and their enablers. This isn’t like previous wars. This time the enemy is among us, looking for ways to murder our people, destroy our culture and, essentially, to replace the progress of civilization achieved in the past 1500 years with the mad ravings of a pederastic savage.

Before the liberal witch hunt, the CIA had some extraordinary tools to effect this at a distance, virtually instantaneously, silently (not suppressed,  SILENT ) and undetectably. That information is out there, in the heads of technicians and intelligence officers, no matter what the goody-two-shoes have done to destroy the data, no matter how much the PC government has forgotten.

It is past time to discard Jerry Ford’s ludicrous Executive Order prohibiting assassination as a tool of foreign policy. It is time to undertake a campaign with the Mossad and other intelligence agencies of governments not dominated by beta males and pro-actively kill the enemy,  wherever  we can find them, BEFORE they strike. The traitor(s) who compromised this information and the socialist twit who released it would be a good place to start. Further, I personally believe the editorial boards of the NY Times, Washington Post and similar anti-American publications should be given some enhanced interrogations with an eye to filing charges of knowingly giving aid to the enemy, if not flat-out treason. They have been doing this for at least 40 years and they need to be constrained from continuing this practice.

We cannot afford to carry on as if the enemy will operate by any of the norms which have developed in civilized societies, for the enemy are crazed flea-bitten savages in behavior if not literally. We cannot fight for our lives while the duplicitous leftists stab us in the back and aid those external enemies.

No, no more Mr. Nice Guy. We need to return to the principles of the nation which waged war on the terrorists’ ancestors (both literally and philosophically) under Thomas Jefferson, the America which brooked no attack on our people or territory in 1846 and 1941; we must embrace and follow the principles described in JFK’s Inaugural Address and exemplified by Ronald Reagan.

It won’t happen as long as this petulant, effete, clueless, incompetent, narcissistic wimp sits in the Oval Office, but if we can’t impeach him for malfeasance before 2013, this should be a key campaign position in 2012 at the very least . . . and the first policy the new President implements. Those who hurt us CANNOT be allowed to escape retribution. They need to know to a certainty we will give no quarter nor will we forget their acts.