The New Age of Entitlement

The culture of entitlement is pervasive in some circles, particularly those which embrace "hope and change" in preference to the path of hard work and personal responsibility. Nowhere is this more grotesquely evident than in the First Family. Never in the history of our Republic have we seen such an egregious exploitation of the privileges of the office. While still pikers in comparison to the Romanov dynasty and Marie Antoinette, the 0bamas’ hubris stands far above (or below) that demonstrated in any past Administration, e.g. Nixon’s.

Not content to burden the American economy with trillions of debt for ill-conceived, mismanaged and largely valueless programs, the 0bamas treat taxpayers’ wallets as their petty cash fund. What previous President used a government plane solely to transport his pet or government monies to fund a week in a five star Spanish hotel for his consort, child and an entourage of thirty sycophants? Who else has ever vacationed so frequently, in venues which grossly inconvenience the public and engender massive costs?

Acadia. National. Park. Campsite reservations are full within 48 hours of being opened to the public on January 1st – it is the most popular of our National Parks. How many ordinary citizens were displaced or prevented from enjoying the full range of this resource because the 0bamas wanted to use it? Hawaii, the set of Harry Potter ,  enough golf outings to qualify for a Pro-Am tournament, etc. Allegedly, the plebeian fare of the White House chefs is augmented from time to time by wings and pizza flown in for The Anointed One. Allegedly, there is at least one party every other evening at the Peoples’ House . . . for the glitterati, who seem to be the principle groups of this President. Andy Jackson would not approve . . . .

What other President would place more importance to appearing on The View than honoring the 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts? But that snub is trival . . . think for a moment – can anyone even imagine another President placing a party with a Beatle above honoring those who gave their lives to defend our Republic? Not mere hubris, that, but truly obscene.

His predecessors were content largely with Camp David, the properties of supporters or their own homes. Not this crew. But then again, who would voluntarily pick Chicago as a vacation destination if there were an alternative?

This is not a "post-racial" Presidency, but a post-responsibility Presidency, an entitlement mentality ensconced at the hub of power and money. Clinton exploited women, JFK used his security detail to deliver hookers, but 0bama uses the whole nation as his ho’s.