Confessions of a DailyKos Member

I still consider myself a liberal.

I still plan on mostly voting for Democrats (if you don’t believe me, read my diary on DailyKos: http://www.dailykos.com/user/AmbroseBurnside).

However, having spent a lot of time immersed in the home of the radical left, I realize perhaps I share more opinions with the people here than I ever would have thought:

  1. Second Amendment:  I read too many diaries on Kos stating how we need to rethink this amendment.  How it is detrimental to our society.  How if we curtail individual gun ownership, somehow crime will magically disappear and we’ll all be happy.  I am a gun owner and a believer in the entire Bill of Rights; The Second Amendment being just as important as the other ones, as it guarantees one of the ways we protect the other amendments, let alone ourselves and our families.
  2. Being pro-life:  There it is just a sin.  Here, I imagine being pro-choice is a sin.  I sort of struggle between the two.  I am personally pro-life, but as a man, I don’t believe I should have any say regarding a woman’s body.  When I express this there, I am lambasted for not embodying the true “progressive cause.”  Is here any different?  By not being perfectly committed to the pro-life cause, will I get the same treatment here?  I guess we shall see.
  3. Combating Muslim extremism.   I am very worried about the perversion of Islam within our borders.  I’ve seen much evidence of Islamist training camps around the country, specifically in Red House, VA.  I don’t wish to say posters on DailyKos are not interested in combating Islamic terrorism, but I do think, for the most part, they think too much about respecting Islam to believe some of its followers could be threats to our way of life.

Don’t get me wrong, on most positions I agree with the Democrats and President Obama, but in these areas, I really do feel the conservatives are much stronger, and I wish you guys could present your arguments more successfully and pragmatic than is the case right now.

I come here in peace, not to start arguments, and I hope we can have a good conversation.

Thanks for having me on your site.