Life Fest: Changing Hollywood's Outlook on Life

Life Fest Film Festival is the only pro-life film festival in America. Our goal is to impact Hollywood and convince it to cultivate a culture of life in films!

Guess what? You can be a part of Life Fest too from wherever you are! How, you may ask? By participating in our awesome IndieGoGo campaign that rewards YOU with prizes for what you pledge!

Right now, you can get 50% off (that’s right, half off!) your Life Fest tickets if you pledge! This offer ends March 22nd, so act quickly and be rewarded for being a culture warrior!

Also, from March 7- March 14, an anonymous supporter has pledged to MATCH (up to 1,000 Dollars!) any pledge to Life Fest given through the IndieGoGo campaign. What that means is that if you give through our Indie GoGo campaign, you will be eligible to receive gifts and benefits of TWICE that value! Go to Life Fest’s campaign NOW and be part of the Life Fest team!

Your support goes twice as far! You get and give twice the benefit! Be the change that you want to see in Hollywood! Get on the Life Fest team!

We already have 45 people funding our campaign! We need your help to make Life Fest happen!

Visit our campaign today and make a difference!

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