FAQ about voter fraud and voter suppression

What is vote fraud?

Vote fraud consists of a variety of illegal acts:

* What is voter registration fraud? *

Voter registration fraud is a type of vote fraud. Acts of voter registration fraud include:

  • Turning in falsified voter registration cards to election authorities.

  • Types of falsification include the submission of duplicate registrations, made-up registrations, registrations from fictional characters, forged signatures on registration cards, fictional addresses, and submitting registration cards for those who are not old enough to vote (and will not be old enough to vote by the time of the election).

* How do vote fraud and vote registration fraud differ? *

Vote registration fraud may constitute a criminal felony, depending on the laws in a given state. It is not synonymous with the act of casting, or causing to be cast, a fraudulent vote. Overburdening election officials (sometimes known as “jamming”) with fraudulent voter registration cards can be part of an overall vote fraud pattern, since time spent by the election authorities on dealing with thousands of fraudulent voter registration forms means they have less time and energy to administer a fair, fraud-free election.

* What is vote supression? *

Vote suppression refers to:

* ACORN claims it has done nothing wrong. What about that? *

ACORN representatives have defended their conduct in three main ways.

  • The rate of fraud is small, compared to the number of registrations we turned in.

  • Voter suppression is more important than vote fraud and criticizing massive voter registration drives conducted in minority and low-income neighborhoods is a form of voter suppression, and morally outrageous. People who criticize us are bad people.

  • Legally, ACORN is required to turn in to election officials the fraudulent voter registration cards that our workers gave us. So, we can’t be criticized for doing that.