Time's a changin' and it's starting to feel right

The defeat was disheartening, no doubt about it. The media bias was irritating at the least. The willful ignorance of the public was annoying. And the liberals’ blatantly pushing their views and ideals under the pretense of fairness and as part of the “hopenchange” poetry that the president-elect was using was downright offensive.

Even with all of that, it’s all good. Post-election can be, and SHOULD be a start of a Republican movement. I’m not a big fan of creating a third party. I’m not a big fan of “rebranding” the Republican party. This first-time, used-to-be-apathetic, conservative from TX can admittedly see ‘some’ silver lining in the dark and heavy clouds.

  • No matter what happens, it’s getting clearer and clearer what the Republican leadership need to do. Democrats are the supposedly liberal party, and we’re the supposedly conservative party. Whoever wants to lead needs to stick to that tried and true role. Republican = conservative views. Pick a conservative leader and the conservative party will follow. Moderates and bi-partisan politicians are good and only good to get the other party to vote for our goals in the Senate and House floors. For the record, I voted for McCain because to not vote at all during this election or to write in a candidate or to write in a third party would have been a truly waste of my vote. Sure he didn’t win, but my vote was to support the Republican ticket. Even when Texas was under no doubt going red, I supported.

  • Another fallout is it seems that Republicans in the Capitol have lost their credibility with the Republican/conservative masses. The good news? There’s some strong, CONSERVATIVE options outside the Capitol, within the states that has more cred and that people would happily jump behind to support if they so choose to lead in the future.

  • The country is spiraling downwards with barely an end in sight. I’m not enjoying this, and everyone is being affected by it. The good news is that one administration’s term is not going to turn this status into a complete 180. And from the initial looks of who the president-elect is aligning himself with, this coming administration doesn’t look like it’ll make that much of a difference. 2012 looks like a great time for conservatives to say “You’ve had your chance, did lousy, and now it’s our turn”.

Cheer up conservatives and fellow Republicans. We can rebuild our strength and our party in four or even two years. Besides, getting four years to give the president-elect the same amount of respect Bush got from the left isn’t that bad.