Signs, a Hockey Player and Two Sad Obama Sign holders

I’ll be quick as I have to be up in six hours to be out with signs one more time for morning rush hour and before work.

*We hit a good Republican (but lot of Dems) area here in central NJ for nearly four hours today on a busy suburban road/intersection. *Good day that got even better a few hours in, when the County Dems dropped off two flunkies (one middle-aged white guy and an African American woman) to give us competition. They had just the yard signs, with no handles or backing. Not professional (ie. Home Depot) outfitted signs like us.

All was cordial for the most part until the Obama woman yelled that “McCain is a racist” (we ignored her) and he started yelling that we were being paid $5.00 an hour to be out here. Our Joe, told him that “We’re Volunteers. We did this on our own” The Dem guy’s jaw dropped. He refused to believe it. Now, us being Republicans, if we did it for money… it wouldn’t be %5.00 per hour. (I guess that is the homeless rate the Dems pay on Election Day?)Well, they lasted nearly an hour until a young college aged Republican (and hockey player) showed up with an Obama sign. He snuck in behind me and the Obama folks started going crazy cheering and thinking he was one of them. I thought so to for a moment. Then he says, “Watch this.” He holds up the sign, the Obama woman yells “yeah, another Obama!” The Hockey Player, says, “No, you know what this is? It isn’t a sign, it’s a garbage bag!” He then turns the Obama sign inside out and the Obama folks get sullen. He then yell “Hey watch!” He spits his tobacco chew in it. While this was not what I would have done, but I don’t chew tobacco… it was very funny. Long story short, the Obama folks (after more yelling at the Hockey Player) left. We sang, “na-na-na-nay, na-na-na-nay, hey-hey-hey… GoodBye” to them as they walked off. Quite funny stuff.

I did notice a returning phenomenon though. When they were there on the other corners, it INCREASED the response WE GOT from drivers a lot. Almost like a bullfighter with a red cloth. It really got our folks to honk and wave, etc. to us with the M-P signs. We even ran out of ALL our bumper stickers. Good stuff. Definitely an inverse reaction for the Dems.

Also, still a lot of quiet folks with thumbs-up or waves. They will be our SILENT MAJORITY on Tuesday for sure. And again, a good number of African Americans, Latinos and Asians supporting McCain-Palin, which should surprise the Dems.

It is looking better than we are being told, folks. Let’s work hard to get the word out.

As Todd Beamer said, “LET’S ROLL!”