Bruce Springsteen ain't from the Jersey I saw today!

Sorry for triple-posting yesterday. Server errors kept coming up.

UPDATE: Well, Joe the Payroll Clerk, a female McCain supporter and I were out on Route 130 and Route 571 (for all you Jerseyphiles) for three hours this afternoon. This is a part of Mercer County that runs near NJ Turnpike Exit 8A (hold the jokes, people) and near the Monmouth County border (Springsteen’s native county). Plenty of shopping centers, diners and so on.

Well, this was the best outing yet. More car honking and smiles than we have gotten by far. My arms and hands actually starting getting sore from waving, thumbupping and holding the M-P sign. * *(I celebrated with a couple of Guinesses. Feel much better now.) * While the shift started off slow, after we and the traffic got warmed up… we continually got honks, etc. As one light changed, the next set of cars would come and make us quite happy. While I expected decent response, the amount and level and enthusiasm was shocking. Cars, trucks, motorcycle riders (9 out of 10 are for McCain), Cops, Fed Ex drivers. I wish our County GOP Chair could have been out there to see it. *But, then again I like to go guerilla style without official permission.

*Folks, the O-B’s are in trouble. * If we are a suburban stronghold of the Peoples Republic of New Jersey and getting this response, Mr. Springsteen, the Media and the Dems are indeed misreading the tea leaves. Every demographic group you can imagine was out there driving by and “showing the love” as Obama says.

I can only imagine how the Battleground States are right now. They has to be much stronger support for McCain than here in NJ. McCain and the GOP have spent NO money here. Our only signs came from some wealthy R’s buying and donating them. (We are seeing more M-P signs around, which is good.)

*Further, no competition showed up this time. * Though one young man called us “crackers” and hand some one-fingered salutes. we just smiled, smiled, smiled. It was a great day in Jersey and great day to be a Republican. WE’RE GONNNA WIN!