SHOCK and AWE in Trenton, NJ

Okay… here’s the situation. Cue in FRESH PRINCE MUSIC…
Don’t go on vacation yet, my fellow Republicans. It is looking and sounding pretty good out there. I’m certainly not forecasting a landslide, but if we keep working hard as hell… (Just having fun doing my miniscule part).


This morning, we did morning rush hour on a highway coming in and out of the State Capital, Trenton. *SHOCK and AWE *is the best description. We only had an hour between daybreak and having to zip off to work ourselves, but the results were fun and astounding. (BTW, Mr. McGreevey, your dumb cell phone ban isn’t working).

Plenty of honks, waves & thumbs up after the SHOCK from our bleary-eyed fellow travelers after seeing McCain-Palin signs (let alone with people attached to them) while on their way to work. (I love it when that happens). You can see their slow smiles grow as they see someone like them, believing like them “out there.” Lots of great truckers (boy, I love their horns) and this being a city where State Workers rule the roost, there were mucho quiet nods and mini-thumb ups. (Can’t show think for yourself in the State Capital). Actually, where we were is also busy with private industry from NJ and PA.

*AWE came about *when the Obama folks saw us with the McCain-Palin signs and said “AWWWW…. S—! They didn’t come into Trenton. Did they? They’re not supposed to be here. Obama can’t lose… can he?” ; )