How much for your McCain-Palin Sign?

Just wanted to post a couple positive stories for this morning.

*Last night, we went back out with our McCain-Palin signs on the busiest highway in the County. * Great response overall for a cold, dank Wednesday evening rush hour (5:15 PM – 7:00 PM). Lots of enthusiasm from our side, less one fingered salutes from the other side than normal.

  1. About half-way through, a White Chevy pulls up with some 50ish Indian gentleman. They were trying to shout something to me just before the light changed. The light changes and they quickly pull closer to me, blocking their lane for a moment. I thought they might need directions or something, so I said “Hey, how are you?” One of the men yells, “How much do you want for your sign?” Made my night! ; ) Not wanting them to get rear-ended, I told them to go to McCain’s website. BIG Thumbs-up!

  2. Just after dark and a very long light, a woman drives by making a left turn. I’m standing on the corner to her left. She rolls down the window and yells, “Move closer to the streetlight… so We can see you better!” I appreciated the suggestion and promptly moved. Increased car honking by 50%.

We’ll be out on a different road tonight, tomorrow morning’s rush hour and then the Weekend. How’s everyone else making out?

Have a great day. We’re gonna Win.