At last... some Competition! Sort of...

Well tonight, we hit a new intersection near one of NJ’s busiest train stations. Went very well and got even better once competition arrived. Here’s why:

We started at 5 PM. About 5:50 PM (it was still light out), two twenty-somethings in hoodies and track pants show up across the six lane intersection. One of them has an Obama-Biden sign and is running from back and forth from each side of the corner as the light changes. I’ll give the guy credit, he was quite energetic (think Mick Jagger in the late 60s). *Well, after about 10-15 minutes, he started yelling “Obama”, “Obama- he likes you, he likes your mama” (I kid you not) for pretty much the next two hours. * He also pranced around cojoling the passing cars/trucks/buses to honk at him and his sign.

Well, my buddy and I do our usual thing… being Republicans. We keep our dignity, respectfully wave, give thumbs up signs and move from side to side as the lights change. All goes well. Meanwhile, the O-B guy starts getting more and more wound up (I think he might have had some pharmaceutical help as he buddy just talked on his cell phone the whole time). The O-B guy starts yelling across to us, that he will outlast us just like Obama and that we have ugly signs. Yeah.

We decided that we would outlast the annoying fellow. We made it an extra 90 minutes and as we’ll be out Halloween morn at rush hour, we called it a night.

Best part is, as he got more and more annoying to us and more and more obnoxious to all the drivers… we got even more support (thumbs up, waves, honks) as the night went on. I just know this O-B guy single-handedly drove a bunch of undecideds to McCain.