Does Obama want to raise taxes on $250K, $200K or Biden's $150K households?

I watched B.Obama’s infomercial tonight before the my glorious Fightin’ Phils won the World Series. Hallelujah! Outside of the urge to put on anything else for thirty minutes, I made some notes. BTW, can we have a law against voter’s personal struggle stories? I have a torn miniscus in my knee like the guy in the first “story.” I’m not asking for fundamental changes to our healthcare system!

1. Was the opening music for the piece (I believe Steven Spielberg worked on part of this for the DNC) from SAVING PRIVATE RYAN? If so, I am really sad and disgusted. One of my favorite films.

*2. * Outside of the elderly African American couple struggling with healthcare costs, barely anyone of color outside of the Obama family was featured. Except for the one fella in the photo who worked at the auto plant in KY, no one else was really noted. (The Obama campaign has played down the fact that he is black and he has taken a hit for this with most Black intellectuals and opinion makers. Not on MSM programs.) Yes, there was the nice Latino teacher, but that was it. Completely disingenuous and a slight towards the African-American community, IMHO.

**3. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, didn’t B.Obama say in the program and with a graphic that he is now only going to raise taxes on people making over $200,000? First, $250,000 from Obama, then $150,000 from Biden. Now $200,000. What was that? A compromise between the two of them?
I’d sure like to know.