Romney's Foot Soldiers... What a Surprise?

On the Positive: WE ARE GONNA WIN. I’VE GOT MY COPY OF “WE WILL ROCK YOU/WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS” cued up for November 5th. Otherwise…

Reading about *Romney’s surrogates *(ie. foot soldiers, “buffers”) trashing Palin since before she was announced ain’t no surprise to this CPACer. At the 2007 CPAC (the Conservative Political Action Conference, just in case), Romney’s folks were spreading more falsehoods and putting flyers on chairs than Carter has pills.

I found such a flyer on a chair at seminar that ABSOLUTELY TRASHED Rudy Giuliani. One of its major claims was that Rudy was LYING about reducing Crime in NYC while he was Mayor. As one who routinely would have to avoid urine-stained homeless men while getting in and out of Penn Railroad Station, I can tell you that after 1994 – this didn’t happen.

Romney’s boys also were trying to flatten Huckabee as a tax and spender and secret supporter of Gay Marraige. Neither of which, was true. About the only possible or declared candidate they didn’t go near was Newt. That would have been suicide.

The Romney folks were all over the Omni Shoreham Hotel and out front of the joint plugging for their guy. Mitt spent a lot of money locking up the CPAC STRAW POLL and it worked, he won. But, at what costs? Romney’s efforts (or by those on his payroll/behalf) turned a lot of folks off. Personally, I found Mitt gracious when people actually did get the chance to speak to him. But, I always got the feeling that he was like Bill Clinton without the Interns. A computer chip whirled around as he calculated how to answer you politically, not from the gut. One fellow CPACer (not with any candidate) called him, “Slick Mitt.”

Nicest folks I observed/met were the Brownback supporters. While he had no chance, he was aces in my book as was Huckabee. Answered questions straight up, no messing around or dancing from the Huckster.

Just one man’s impression, but Kevin Madden from CNN *is quickly becoming Tokyo Rose from my perspective. Why the heck would he and other Romney “buffers” would want us to lose the election so they can gain the world? *Yo Kev, there may not be a world to gain in 2012. Know what I mean? Start thinking straight.

Mitt: Please Stop This In Its Tracks. I’d like to see you run again someday, but not like this. Palin rocks! Now help her and us Win!

ROAD SIGN NOTE: We’ll be out again with McCain/Palin signs on a New Jersey highway tomorrow night and weather permitting, every day to E-DAY. As the late hero and Mercer County, NJ resident, Todd Beamer (United Airlines Flight #93) said, “LET’S ROLL!”

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