Republicans... Help Yourselves

Long-time reader, first-time blogger. We can win, if we try. And get off our butts. I live in the People’s Republic of New Jersey. HEAVILY Democratic county. Two buddies and I have been going out over the past week or so with *McCain-Palin signs *stapled to wood 1″x2″s from Home Depot ($3.00 total) and going out to busy intersections at rush hours and shopping days (Sat and Sun). No one official asked us to do it, we just did it. The results have been wonderful. There are hardly any McCain signs in NJ, but the support is there. Just latent and a bit afraid to peek its head out. It has been liberating!

We have gotten thousands of thumbs-ups, fist-pump, car honks, you name. People want to see the flag flown unabashadly for our nominee and our Party. Here in NJ, the media (local and national) have done a great job making our side afraid to show their supporting McCain. If you do, you must be one of “the racists.” Well, I’m not and the party I know isn’t. Some of the comments we have gotten are great. “Glad to see someone is fighting,” “I want a sign, where do I get one.” “You made my day!”, “I’m tired of the media telling me I’m just against Obama.” The smiles alone are worth being out there, today in the rain for example. But, we have given some good NJ folks some hope. I’m not expecting McCain to win Jersey at this point, but we won’t go down without swinging. That is for sure.

PLEASE.. All you folks in the other parts of the country. GET OUT THERE! Don’t wait for someone else to do it. We need every Republican and every McCain supporter out there fighting, showing the flag, rallying our side to victory! Trust me, we have had Americans of ALL demographics… black, white, latino, asian, male, female, old, young give us the thumbs-up, etc. (Many people of color are thumb-uppers. The Dems will be surprised). Sure, we do get the occasional “you’re number one” salutes and some pro-Obama shout-outs, but not nearly as many as you think.

It’s been a lot of fun. Please join us out there and we will win. We just have to show it is okay to vote FOR John McCain and Sarah Palin and that folks on our side aren’t afraid to say it. You’ll feel a lot better about this election and give us the chance to win.

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