Crossover Voting: Democrats to Republican

Question: Would we rather have things more our way, or should we hold out and try to get everything we want in national politics?

There is one indisputable fact about Donald Trump’s candidacy that all sides can agree on: He has created a huge schism within the Republican Party.  Some will argue that the roots of the schism have been there for a long time, and that he is bringing them out, but I think he is more a catalyst than a canary.

I have been thinking long and hard about my question above and have determined that I am really interested in winning in November, above all else.  Recently, I had a good conversation with a person I have known for years who consistently votes for Democrats.  He’s a relative (sort of), as he used to be married to my wife’s sister.  How we come to see each other once in awhile isn’t relevant so I will spare you the details.

Anyway, we got talking politics.  He knows I’m hard-core conservative so he asked me what I thought of Trump.  I’ve been keeping my politics closer to my chest lately given some events that have happened here and elsewhere, so I kind of demurred. That’s when the real shocker happened.  Without pressing me at all he blurted out, “I’m for him, big time.  Hillary’s a crook and Bernie’s a commie.  If you guys nominate Trump, I’ll vote for him.”

OK, I know that there is a counter-argument that can be made, that this proves that Trump is not a true conservative.  I see the validity in that argument.  But there is also a bit of truth on the pragmatic side of things.  Are we more likely to win with Trump?  The Dems would be really stupid to go with Bernie, and they just might be stupid enough to do that.  I really hope they do, as the election would be a cakewalk for us.

I am a pessimist.  I see the bad side to every candidate and the others scare me.  They keep telling us that demographic trends are against us and that we are going to start losing all the time if we don’t do something because Hispanics are going to become a larger and larger part of the population.  There are two possible response paths to that fact.  One way is to try to become more appealing to Hispanics and basically follow the path of the squishes (McConnell, Boehner, Cantor, McCain, Bush (take you pick), Rubio, etc.) by giving them more welfare.  The other path is to kiss the Hispanic vote goodbye and consolidate Republicans AND a lot of Democrats around the idea that we can minimize their power in the future by building a real WALL and kicking their sorry asses out of the country. As much as I love Cruz I don’t see an answer to the demographic problem with him.  Conservatism, as it exists today, does not have the voting power to win a national election.  We either need the support of the squishes or something else.

Like my acquaintance, I think there are many Dems who might very well crossover and vote for Donald.  Sure, we wouldn’t get EVERYTHING we wanted with him as President, but we would get MUCH if not MOST of the things we really want.  Trump is changing the rules, and that’s a good thing.  We must overthrow the current status quo and start a new political alignment.  The working poor (mostly white) can provide the votes we need for a clear mandate to put us on a new path, and Trump is the one that will do that.