mitch HAS GOT TO GO!!!!!!


During election season 2014, around the time of the Matt Bevin/[mc_name name=’Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M000355′ ] primary, I emphatically said here that there was no point to having mitch as the Majority Leader because he would be just as bad as Harry.  I was totally right, and events have proven this to be the case.  So far, this Congress, with Republicans in control of BOTH houses, has done NOTHING to roll back the disaster that is President Obama.

And now we understand a little bit of what goes on in the Senate.  Apparently mitch lied to [mc_name name=”Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)” chamber=”senate” mcid=”C001098″ ] and assured Ted that there was NO DEAL with the Democrats to bring back the Ex-Im Bank.  Subsequent events have demonstrated that there is, in-fact a deal with the Democrats to bring back the Ex-Im Bank.

How much more disgusting can it get?

Once again I implore my many fellow Conservatives here: We have got to STOP supporting the failed Republican Party.  We have got to stand up and say loudly and clearly that we will NOT support RINOs, EVEN IF this leads to Dems winning a race now and then.  At some point we have to realize that pragmatism will NEVER get us to where we need to be.

Ted Cruz would make a terrific Majority Leader, and I am confident that he could do that AND run for President at the same time.

Let’s DUMP mitch.  He is completely undeserving of our support.  Eventually we are going to have to clean out the barn.  We could have started during last year’s elections, but that was largely squandered on the promise that Obama would be rolled back if we got a Republican Senate.  How’s that working out for us?

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